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Early Obits from Sumner Press

Sumner Press Obituaries late 1880's-1920's  summarized

Surname Black 

John Black son of Joseph and Margaret Black was born on the old Homestead a short distance west of Shiloh, January 10, 1862.  He received his education at the Washington school. For twenty years before his death, he was a salesman for the International Harvester Company.  It was not unusual for him to receive purses or prizes for his exceptional service to the company, and at the time of his death he was one of the few original salesmen of the company.  On September 16, 1885 he married Effie Cox. Three weeks before his death he began to complain of choking sensations.  Leaking of the heart was attributed to the immediate cause of death.  John died on September 8, 1915. Special funeral music was furnished by a quartet from St Francisville consisting of George Corrie, Lee Stephenson, James Ryan and Noah Pepple, who had furnished music at his brother Judd’s funeral one year ago. Salesmen of the Harvester Company acted as pallbearers.   

Randall Black, eldest son of William Black, died in September of 1887, aged 8 years.

William Black, born in North Carolina in 1799 came to the County while it was yet sparsely settled. He died at age 87 in May of 1887.  

Surname Brown

Kate Greer was born in Drummor, West County, Sligo, Ireland November 23, 1822, the fourth child of William and Ann McKinn Greer.  The family immigrated to America on July 3, 1839, landed in New York where they remained three months before settling in Butler County Ohio.  There she married William H Brown on January 11, 1848. She died on September 1, 1906 at age 83. 

Infant Brown, a two month old son of Everett Brown died in January of 1902. 

William Brown, the last of the original founders of Chauncey passed away on April 11, 1910 at the age of 84.  He was born in Butler County, Ohio Feb 24, 1826.  He married Kate Greer Jan 11, 1848 in Oxford Ohio, and after two years they moved to Lawrence County.  When the dark clouds of war hung low over the country he answered the call for volunteers. Under Capt A I Judy, he enlisted on Dec 28, 1863 in the 61 Ill Vol Inf.

Surname Bowen

Loretta Bowen, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bowen, was born in Lawrence County August 25, 1881. She died March 15, 1913 aged 31 just one week after her father died.  The song “Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown” was sung to her by her friends right before she died. 

Anna Paddick second daughter of Emma Paddick of Petty Township was born Feb 10,1890 and married Henry Bowen on September 2, 1908.  Less than a year later she was dead at age 19 years, 5 months and 14 days of age, on July 24, 1909. Six young men, all cousins of the deceased acted as pallbearers. 

Thomas Jefferson Bowen was born in Lawrence County July 14, 1852 and was left an orphan at the age of six years. He married Sarah Stoltz November 4, 1876, and died March 8, 1913 at age 60 years.

James T Bowen, a Petty Township resident  was born in Lawrence County Illinois December 14, 1834 and married Marium Perkins in 1859.  He was a member of the Masonic Fraternity at Sumner for 35 years. He died Feb 4, 1898 at age 63 yrs 1 mo, 19 days  after a short illness of arsenic poisoning. (No other details are given.) The remains were interred at White House cemetery. 

Other surnames starting with B

Mrs. Jesse B Benefiel died in March 1898 of lung trouble.  She was the daughter of George McCleave. 

Sarah Ann Monroe was born in Muskingum County, Ohio April 30, 1822, and married Washington Baker October 3, 1841. They moved to Illinois in 1843 enduring all the hardships of a new unsettled country. She was the mother of 10 children, dying at age 93 yr 8 months 12 days on December 12, 1916.

S C Baldridge, a pioneer minister in Lawrence and Wabash counties, died of asthma in April 1898

Alice Wurtsbaugh, oldest daughter of Mahalia Wurtsbaugh, was born February 23, 1859 in Lawrence County near Chauncey. She married John Baker October 19, 1876. Ten years before her death she suffered her first stroke of paralysis at which time she was almost an invalid.  At age 58 she died on December 14, 1917. 

Fannie L Allen was born in Jefferson County, IL August 11, 1870 and married Jerry Burns November 6, 1889 at Cullman Alabama.  She died of consumption on April 12, 1906.

(When reading this obit remember it was written in 1908, so locations then that are mentioned do not refer to the same locations today.) Ira H Bunn was born April 11, 1842. His father had died when Ira was quite young. On Oct 2, 1866 Ira married Mary Baird.     He went into the mercantile business in Sumner on the corner now occupied by the Old Reliable but in the fall of 1866 the store burned and he moved to Claremont where he was associated in business with Mrs. Bunn’s father, Jacob Baird where he remained for two years.  He then went to Bridgeport where he stayed for a little over 2 years, and then moved to Mr. Baird’s farm at Hadley now owned and occupied by Val Naffzinger.  After about 1 1/2 years he came back to Sumner where he formed a partnership with Warren May that continued for four years, before selling out and moving to Noble.  Here he remained for nearly 6 years and then moved to Olney conducting a merchandising business for about 18 months and finally came back to Sumner where he and Marion May were in business on the corner where the store building now stands.  Mr, Bunn purchased his partner’s interest and conducted the business as sole owner, except about two years ago when A L Reman became interested in the business.  He was member of the John W Watts #213 GAR. He died in February 1908 of throat trouble which he had had for several years.  

Mary Ann Lappin was born in Philadelphia PA December 25, 1822.  She was married to John Bower March 14, 1839, and died on July 31, 1907 aged 84 years.