Saturday, January 9, 2016

Comments by the Numbers

By the numbers in 1862 in Lawrence County there were: 

57 school districts  
50 school houses
2,922 students 
62 male teachers and 
26 female teachers.

7 Classes were taught in 1845:  Orthography (spelling) Reading and English, Arithmetic, Penmanship, English Grammar, Modern Geography and History of U.S.  

Veterans buried in Sumner Cemetery:
85 Civil War
10 Spanish War
96 WWI 
119 WWII 
25 Korea
11 Vietnam 
74 Vets served during peace time

 4 Compliments from readers who received our Holiday Greetings Card (designed by E White). These were sent by email, so if you didn't get one you must not be on the subscriber list or you didn't bother to open it. 

  "You are each appreciated very, very, very much for your time and efforts in the work of preserving and sharing our historical heritage in the Wabash Valley.  We count each of you as our friends.  Keep up the "good work".  Steve & Beth Shearer - Princeton Indiana.  Our roots are deep into Lawrence County."

I remember Hurley Gould's horses and her attire.  My Dad used to joke about how long it must have taken her to get  up, dressed and ready for the day!  Judi Barrett Schoffstall

Carl and Beverly Curry.....Keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!!!  "As I suffer through the Winter here in Southern California (Frown) My only ray o' sunshine is my daily "Lawrence Lore"........Keep up the good work.....Happy New Year to all !!!!!!.....I remain Semper Fi.....Carl R.Curry USMC Retd.  He signed it "Larry's brother:, AS IF he had to identify himself! ) 

We also love the Lawrence Lore!!! We look forward to every article and please know how thankful we are for Donna and all her staff for all the hard work they put into making such a treasure for us all. Kim Hogan, Carlsbad,Ca.
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         Apparently one of our readers  (L. Brockman) didn't appreciate our card.  
        "Seriously ??   What happened to MERRY CHRISTMAS >>??  Very sad, Lawrence County Historical Society........VERY sad !! "  

(So there you have it...4 out of 5 readers love the blog.)