Friday, January 1, 2016

Channel Cat Tales- The Story of Water in Lawrence County

Lawrence County was chosen as one of the six sites in the State of Illinois to host a Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit this coming fall 2016.  While the Historical Society is the group that applied and will act as hosts, it is not just about the Society.  This event is for the whole community. We need everyone to get involved. The more people who come to the county seat to see the National exhibit and the corresponding local exhibit, the more chances we have to show great Lawrence County is.

What can you do to help? Get involved
1. Be a docent for the exhibits
2. Volunteer to help with fundraising
3. If you own a business, become a partner with the Society by purchasing advertising
4. Donate money to help us purchase supplies for the exhibit
5. Buy the Special Edition Lawrence Lore book when it is published
6, Come to the Exhibit and invite your friends.

To remind you of this upcoming event we plan on publishing special posts on a regular basis that we call Channel Cat Tales...because the theme of the exhibit is Water/Ways. The uses of water for transportation, recreation, and industry will be explored in the exhibits, and we will be researching such topics as Pearl Fishing, Stiver's Springs, Red Hills Lake, Floods, Drownings, Bridges, and Steamboats, just to name a few.  If you have any ideas about water and Lawrence County, please send them along.  Photos are always welcome. To help you remember the name of these special posts (Channel Cat Tales) take a close look at this photographs:

Clifton Pinkstaff 47 lb catfish 1993
Ben Pinkstaff 39 lb Catfish 43" long 1968
Vance and Clifton Pinkstaff 1985 Three catfish
54 lbs, 36 lbs, and 24 lbs
Holly Pinkstaff  with catfish 20 lbs 30" long
Vance Pinkstaff and Ron Harrington 64 lb Catfish 1980
Vance Pinkstaff 55 lb catfish 1979
Vance Pinkstaff 54 lb Catfish 1993
Vance Pinkstaff 1993 47 lb catfish

Ronnie & Vance Pinkstaff 1975

 All these catfish were taken out of the Embarras or the Wabash Rivers in Lawrence County.