Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Army Jacket with Gas Flap

Olive Drab Flannel Shirt from our collection of Military uniforms:
Protective features were added to many types of military clothing items in the 1940's because it was decided it would be more efficient to add them to existing designs rather than develop specialized garments.

During March 1942, special gas protection features were added in the form of a flap behind the front closure, made of gusset-like pieces of material  with  two buttons added behind the collar for attaching a hood. The hood was to be used in conjunction with the standard issue gas mask.

The top photograph is a shirt worn by Sgt Lowell E Stout. The second one is of the same garment turned wrong side out to show the gas flap.  It would have been on the left hand side-inside the jacket when worn correctly. The third photo shows the buttons at the neck.