Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tributes to Lawrence Lore

Tributes to Lawrence Lore

Ed Note:  With the help of some great researchers including, K Borden, J King, F Price, and D Foote, I have posted this daily blog for over 6 years. Each day over 400 subscribers recive it FREE in their email account and in additionto those readers,  another 131,000 viewers have clicked on the webpage to read about our Lawrence County History. WE had no idea when we began that Lawrence Lore would be such an success.  In addition to artifacts and photographs that you have shared with us after reading a particular article, we have received new memberships and volunteers because of this new form of media contact. If you read the blog, and love it like we do,  theplease show your appreciation by supporting us financially in the upcoming year so we can continue spreading the word about our history! (Our utility bills at the museum and library don't magically pay themselves you know.)

Here are a few of the many comments we have received:

"I want you to know that in the last year I’ve learned more about Lawrence County from your blog and your organization than I ever knew in all the years of living there – or while my parents were living there. Why didn’t someone tell us all these things you’re uncovering?? The story of the man behind the mill stones at the high school! What a rich story that was – and it went all the way back to the start of Indiana and Illinois. I remember us putting a picture of those stones in the LTHS yearbook when I was yearbook editor in 1968 -- just because I thought they looked kinda cool. I wish we’d all known the story behind them back then. I think generations of LTHS students would have really appreciated that information.

And the underground railroad article!  Why didn’t anyone tell us heroes lived here -- What a great story! Yet another rich legacy – buried.

But now thanks to you – you and the organization surrounding you – these great stories are being told. What you’re doing is very valuable….. B Smith

Thank you for your effort.  You folks are doing a great job!! M. L. Hooks PhD, PE

I'm glad to see all the info you all are putting on Lawrence Lore and the info I have been able to read about Lawrence County.  I have learned a lot!  I thank you for that.  Gina

How great, I found several nuggets. John Madden, one of my soldiers, died. Isaac Worstell, one of my ancestors had his barn and house burn. Didn't know that-- some other great bits of interest. Thanks for all your hard work. Lawrence county needs more like you to preserve and distribute our history. J Btunson 

 So glad you're publishing these items, they're so much fun to scroll though. They give you insight into the daily life of people in the 19th century -- their families, politics, work and fun.  It puts flesh and blood on the "Fact & Date" history we used to have to memorize. Keep up the good work! Bob

(Names withheld by request)

Thank you so much for Lawrence Lore, I read it daily. (sometimes several times daily)  
Please thank Donna Burton and her staff for their excellent work on the Lawrence County Lore blog.
 You have presented several articles about my family on the blog and I visit the blog every week.  I really enjoy reviewing your articles.

Just finished reading the complete posting on Lawrencelore.  Great Stuff!  

Kevin B, one of the Lawrence Lore researchers received an excited email from his 2nd cousin in Texas wanting to know if he (Kevin)  knew about the site called Lawrence Lore and how great it is. Her mom lives in Georgia and told her about it and she loves it.