Monday, December 7, 2015

Sno-Flock Trees in Lukin 1956

Dec 5, 1956 Champaign newspaper

Sno-Flock Tree Firm Formed
 Three local men have formed the Sno-Flock Tree Co., with a lot at 1709 S Neil to sell flocked Christmas trees.  The men are Edward Armstrong, Hubert Cordier, and Alvin Nelson.

Also working in the corporation are Robert and Edwin Schrader who grow Red and Scotch pine trees on their farm in southern Illinois, about 140 miles from here.  The Schrader’s were the first people in Champaign to offer flocked trees. Flocking is accomplished by spraying the tree with a combination of cotton or nylon and sodium silicate which makes the trees non-flammable.

The Schrader’s started growing trees as a test to stop soil erosion on their farm.  They started out with 2,000 trees and now have a plantation of 265,000 covering 100 acres.  Last year they put out 90,000 trees and plan to start planting 100,000 trees a year in the future.

The Sno-Flock Co., rather than buy flocking equipment for the work which costs between $500 and 1,500, built their own equipment.  
Thanks to N. Schrader King for this photo and article