Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Death by Swamp ...Again

Death by swamp…Again?

On April 2015 a post was published about the death of Mrs Wm Flowers  who wandered into the Allison swamp and died.  She was 70 years old but no mention was made of her mental state. She apparently had endeavored to cross the swamp to go to her neighbors and she became mired and perished. The report of her death was published in the Vincennes Times December 23, 1865.  Earlier the Vincennes Western Sun had published the report of the Coroner’s inquest on December 16, 1865.  Both publications had the similar facts and the same name.

Now John K has found another story of ‘death by swamp,’ occurring just a few weeks later.
Sangamo Journal Springfield, Dec 30, 1865.

“At Lawrenceville, some days since, Mrs. Eliza Crews, while in a state of mental derangement, wandered from the house in which she resided on Allison Prairie, and going out into the swamp, perished during the night from cold and exposure.  She was found the next morning.”

Is this the same story but the paper got the name wrong?

Or did two women wander into the swamp and die within weeks of each other?  

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