Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Buchanan Obits from the Sumner Press 1890's-1910's

Some Sumner Press obits for the Buchanan Genealogists.......

Victor T Buchanan one of Denison’s oldest residents died May 6 1897 in his 82nd year.  To the older citizens he was known as “Kentucky Vick” to distinguish himself from Victor Buchanan or Squire Vick, one of the four Buchanan brothers.  He came to Lawrence County when young. His obit noted: “While he was a little eccentric in manners he was a good citizen.”

Walter Buchanan, the son of John G Buchanan and grandson of Uncle Walter, was a well-known resident of Denison Township. He was found dead in his room in a hotel near Union Depot in Vincennes in October 1898. A coroner’s inquest was held, which resulted in a decision that he died from natural causes. When found he was lying on the floor, face downward, between the bed and the wall.  

W T Buchanan of Denison Twp died unexpectedly in October 1896.  He was a wheel horse in the Republican Party, having served several terms as supervisor of the Township and a member of the Legislature, and one of the immortal 103 who stood so manfully by John A Logan for Senate until victory crowned their banners.

Hiram Buchanan suffered from heart trouble before his death.  On the day he died he felt better than usual and had gone to the field with his son, but returned to the house about 11 o’oclock, and told his wife he would lie down.  After a short time he arose and went into the kitchen where his wife was at work.  She left the room for a few moments and while out, heard him fall from his chair and ran back to him, finding he had passed away.  (July 28, 1910)  

Jas. B Buchanan, 27, postmaster of Patton, and Mr Young were handling an old revolver.  Mr Hunt not thinking it would discharge, pointed it toward Mr. Buchanan, pulled the trigger, and the old rusty gun went off, the ball lodging in the Mr. Buchanan’s bowels. He died shortly afterwards. 

Charles Herman Buchanan, the third brother in the family to meet death in the last three years under similar circumstance was found lying at the point of death in a lot on his farm, seven miles south of Lawrenceville by his wife. He had gone out to milk the cows and when he failed to return to the house after a long absence, his wife became uneasy and went out to look for him.  She found him in the lot; the stricken man gasped a few breaths before he expired.  He was 52 years of age and was a brother to C E Buchanan, former County surveyor, who died suddenly a year ago, also to Hiram Buchanan whose death occurred three years ago suddenly.  Coroner J A Black called an inquest and a jury consisting of Dr A T Abell, Monroe Triest, J W Rogers, J E Lingenfelter, T B Gilespie and George Brookhart were selected.  The verdict was death due to neuralgia of the heart.

Aaron Bliss Buchanan was the  son of Thomas and Elizabeth Buchanan, pioneers of Denison Twp. He was a teacher for 21 years and then farmed the family homestead. In 1869 he married Margaret Denison, daughter of Alexander Denison.  Upon her death on March 26, 1876, he married Maria Buchanan on November 7, 1881, the widow of Isaac Buchanan.  

Hannah Knight, daughter of George Knight and widow of John G Buchanan died at age 58 in September 1890.  She was married on May 25, 1851 and the mother of 13 children.  Her husband had preceded her in death by 4 weeks.