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Bad Sports 1891

JULY 8, 1891
Miss Lizzie Dickerson received her diploma of graduation from the Eureka college last Thursday and returned home Friday. Her beautiful and valuable presents show the esteem in which she was held there. LAWRENCEVILLE REPUBLICAN

JULY 15, 1891
Miss Nellie Conrad and Harold Catlett of Birds visited here (New Hebron) Sunday.
Bishop Marshall of Chauncey, Lawrence County, was over to visit his father in Hardinsville Sunday.

JULY 22, 1891
The U.B. Church at Birds will be dedicated on the 15th of August by Bishop Kastle of Elkhart, Indiana, also a basket meeting at the same place that day.

JULY 29, 1891
Wm A. Thompson of Flat Rock is attending the Normal at Lawrenceville this week.
The dedication of the U.B. Church at Birds will be on the 16th instead of the 15th we stated.

AUGUST 5, 1891
The colored people of Lawrence county held a basket dinner in Ford's Grove east of Birds Sunday.
John C. Reynold, the village blacksmith, at Bird Station was in the city Monday

AUGUST 12, 1891
Circuit court is in session at Lawrenceville.

AUGUST 26, 1891
A. N. Smith of Allison, Lawrence county, was in town Saturday. Mr. Smith has sold his farm in Lawrence county and will relocate in Crawford.

John Campbell and Miss Perna Dobbins, of Birds, attended church here Sunday night. (Flat Rock)
Clemens & McNary made a large shipment of their celebrated double seamed bright tin fruit cans to Birds, Lawrence county, yesterday.

On next Tuesday the "boss" game of the season will be played at the fairgrounds between the Lawrenceville nine and the Robinson team, everybody come as it will be an exciting and interesting contest for the championship of Lawrence and Crawford counties.
Isaac Gerhart and wife, from west of Birds, Lawrence County, were in the city shopping today.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1891
States Attorney, Sylvester Gee, of Lawrenceville was here Monday attending court.
The ballgame at the fair ground yesterday attracted quite a good crowd. The gate amounts to $16.80. Robinson won the game with ease, the score being 27 for Robinson and six for Lawrenceville.

At the regular meeting of Prairie Lodge, No. 20, I.O.O.F. the following resolutions were adopted:
WHEREAS, it has pleased HIM who is too wise to err, and the just, to be unkind, to remove from the association of earth, one who was a member in the cause for which we strive, our beloved brother, William Kerr, therefor be it
RESOLVED, That we feel more deeply than words can express, the greatness of our loss. A worthy member of our lodge has been taken from our order; a brother who was always willing to work for the advancement of Odd Fellowship has been removed from earth, and many loving hearts are made to mourn.
RESOLVED, that we extend to the family and relatives of our deceased brother, our sincere and heartfelt sympathies in the hour of their bereavement.
RESOLVED. that the charter of our lodge be draped in mourning for thirty days, and members wear the badge of mourning for the same period of time. That a copy of the resolutions be sent to the Odd Fellows Herald, and the two leading papers published at the county seats of Lawrence and Crawford counties for publication.
Henry Allison
Robt.  Mitchell
Wm McClure

SEPTEMBER 23, 1892
The Robinson Browns and the Lawrenceville "Kickers"  played the return game at Lawrenceville Monday afternoon, with the result 6 to 8 in favor of Robinson at the close of the eighth inning. When we use the word "Kickers" we do so with the full and correct understanding of the meaning of the word. It may be base ball at Lawrenceville that the "Kickers" played Monday, but we know that if the same thing was attempted where base ball is played proper, there would not be enough ball playing in the capitol city of Lawrence after the first inning to play peas with the babies; they would be ruled out of the diamond.  One of Lawrencevilles' best citizens remarked after the game, "I am ashamed of our boys, to think that they weigh at least half as much as the Robinson nine, and would try to kick out, which they did." The members of our club are very thankful for the treatment received after the game at the hands of the Lawrenceville club, but it would have been very much more satisfactory to our boys if the treatment had been divided between the game and the supper. The Robinson club have now beaten them twice and can do it again, at any time, on neutral ground, and a selected umpire can be agreed upon. But they have played their last game in the village by the Ambraw, unless the Clippers agree to keep within the bounds of gentlemen.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1891
Mr. Little, of Lawrenceville, will locate with us (Heathsville) and open up the old blacksmith shop in the near future.
Chas F. Breen, editor of the Lawrenceville Herald, attended our great exhibition last Thursday. (fair)

OCTOBER 7, 1891
Miss Eva Goodwin (Heathsville news) began her school at the "Sunrise" south of Russellville Monday.New Hebron news-School opened Monday with Gilbert Jones, of Lawrence county, as teacher.Flat Rock news-Wm. Thompson commenced teaching school at the Conover, in Lawrence County Monday.

OCTOBER 14, 1891
Palestine item: Miss Katie Bartholemy, of St. Francisville, will attend school here again this winter.
E.B. and John Nuttall have purchased a large farm west of the iron bridge in Lawrence county.

OCTOBER 21, 1891-Flat Rock items
Wm Poindexter of Chauncey, was in town Sunday. Jasper McCausland, of Sumner, spent Sunday here with brother John. O.B. Caresse, our butcher, left Sunday for St. Francisville.

NOVEMBER 4, 1891
C.C. Applegate and wife, of Petty township, Lawrence county, visited H.N. Richey's last week at Flat Rock.

NOVEMBER 11, 1891
Dr. Daily, of Allison, spends every other day in Heathsville, in the interest of Dr. Maxedon's practice while the latter is absent in New York.

NOVEMBER 18, 1891
There are a great many saw logs bunched along the banks of Big Creek; the persons owning them are waiting for the waters to raise, when they will raft them to Lawrenceville.

NOVEMBER 25, 1891
The "Big Four" had a little wreck at Lawrenceville, last week. George Carter and Miss Nora Ford both of Port Jackson vicinity, were married, in Lawrence County, Wednesday.

DECEMBER 9, 1891
Henry and Joe Murray were arrested Friday and taken to Lawrenceville, to answer to a complaint of disturbing the peace in that county. (Flat Rock item)

DECEMBER 16, 1891
The Murray boys, of whom we made mention last week, will spend the holiday at the Hotel De Cochran at Lawrenceville.

DECEMBER 30, 1891
Misses Della and Susie Petty, of Stiver Springs, visited town Saturday and Sunday (Flat Rock item)