Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Another Death by Mules

 Vincennes Commercial July 23, 1907 Farmer Probably Fatally Injured Monday Noon 

Thomas Webb, a well-known farmer residing on Allison Prairie, across the River from Vincennes, was probably fatally injured while at work on his farm about one o'clock Monday afternoon.
The unfortunate man was at work cutting oats with a binder when his team of four mules became frightened and ran away.

Mr. Webb was thrown from the binder and dragged a long-distance under the bundle carrier. One of his arms and his thigh were badly cut and his skull was fractured. The accident may prove fatal.

Esther Webb was driving four mules to the binder and had just started to work after the noonday rest, when the animals became frightened and ran away. He could not control them on account of there being so many. The binder was not badly damaged. Doctors Moore and Thompson were called to address the wounds.
This photo was taken in the 1930's of a Reaper Binder with Marshall King.  Check out our  other collection of Agriculture photographs on our website lawrencelore.com .http://www.lawrencelore.org/#!farming-in-lawrence-county/c1d9n