Friday, November 13, 2015

Wm Lagow and Lagow Cemetery

For genealogists searching the LAGOW Name:
There may be two men named William Lagow or even more......

Palestine had a horsewhipping affair last week, which created quite an excitement. The facts as we learn them are as follows. W.H. Lagow who has been on the tonic for three or four months, and  tends to amuse himself as he has frequently done before, by whipping and choking his wife. She naturally resisted and screamed so as to attract the attention of several men on the street, who rushed to protect her and found Lagow both striking at and choking her. John Walker very promptly made Lagow quit and dragged him from the house.  Afterward Lagow used very offensive language to Walker and laid violent hands to him three or four times, after being repeatedly warned not to do so, where upon Walker seized a whalebone buggy-whip and applied about twenty-five lashes on Lagow's back, breast and shoulders. Lagow had on neither coat or vest, and Walker applied the whip with his full strength bringing blood, almost every blow. The verdict of the people is "served him right."

This Lagow, is the same man who had his death telegraphed from Cincinnati about a year ago, and who a few months ago pretended to attempt suicide. Lagow was tried before a Palestine Squire on Thursday last and fined $10 and costs and Walker fined $3.

Uncle Bill Lagow, of Lawrence county, has been in town for several days past. He purchased considerable land at a tax sale.

JUNE 1, 1881
Uncle Bill Lagow and William Borden, of Lawrence county, invested three thousand six hundred dollars in delinquent lands of this county at the tax sale, last week,the former twenty-two hundred and the latter fourteen hundred.

JULY 13, 1881
W. H. Lagow came very near getting into trouble again last week. He gave a check on the Robinson bank for some $70. William has not a nickel in the bank.

JANUARY 9, 1884
Wm Lagow will return to his Nebraska home next week. He speaks in glowing terms of that country.

DECEMBER 31, 1884
Wm Lagow, of this place, is said to have recently been in the  possession of one hundred thousand dollars thru relatives in Pennsylvania.

JULY 1, 1885

Wm Lagow jumped from the C.V.& C. railroad track at this place on Saturday last, in front of a passing train and had his shoulder dislocated.

From Irene Black's cemetery book:  Lagow Cemetery is located on or near the half section line between the Northeast Quarter and the Southeast Quarter of Section 17, T4N,R10W in Russell Township.  Eric Lago owned this land.
William Lagow, died November 20, 1882 age 6 years, 7 mo, 4 days.
Sarah, wife of Wm Lago died June 8, 1876, aged 52 years, 11 months 20 days.