Friday, November 20, 2015

Sumner Obits 1890's to 1910's

Obits summarized from the Sumner Press 

Emmaline Springatede was born in Cincinnati, Ohio August 30, 1828 and died September 26, 1908 at age 80 yrs. Being left an orphan in infancy, she lived with a family by the name of Butler until 13 years of age after which she was cast on her own resources.  When but a very small child she moved with her foster parents to Indiana where she remained until about 30 years of age.  In 1844 she was married to William McConnell, until he died in 1851.  She was then united in marriage to John S Butler.  About 1854 the family came to  the wilderness of upper Wabash County to establish a new home.

Eliza A Butter daughter of Green and Elizabeth Manesa Rosborough was born in Gibson County, Indiana August 18, 1847. She married Austin D Butter Feb 28 1864, and died November 10 1890.

Charles Brassie, the 11 year old son of Hattie Brassie died of hydrophobia.  Several weeks before he had picked up a small dog and the animal had bit him on the upper lip and one hand.  Rabies developed causing death.  (no date given)

George Breem, born January 19 1870, was married to Wilda Griggs on Sept 17, 1896.  He died of typhoid fever in Thayer, Missouri on his first anniversary, Sept 17, 1897. Previous to his marriage he had been a teacher in Lawrence County.
C V Bebout, former editor of the Bridgeport Leader for about a dozen years, died following an operation in April 1919.

Inez Provine, daughter of W W and Caroline Provine, was born July 11 1871 and married to Samuel M Bunn March 30, 1890. She died July 19, 1891 aged 20 years. She suffered with lung trouble.

John Ervie Bell, son of John R and Mary E Bell, was born May 1906. His twin brother died two days after birth.  John was afflicted with a fever when more serious complications claimed his system and he died March 3, 1919 at age 12yr 9 mo and 18 days.

Melissa Cummins was born in Coshocton County Ohio December 20, 1849 and died Feb 16, 1919 at age 78 years. She married Albert Smith in 1860. When the Civil War broke out her husband enlisted in the Army and gave his life to the service of his county.  She being left a widow immigrated to this County with her parents in the year 1869 locating near Bridgeport, Il.  She married Harden Barnes June 1, 1871. 

Allena Legg was born in Terre Haute, In December 18, 1881.  She was adopted by Mr and Mrs S H Legg, of Sumner when she was about three months old and spent her early life in this vicinity.  She married Charles Berry March 7, 1906. She died February7, 1919.

Martha Elizabeth Klinger daughter of Adam and Mary Klinger was born in Perry County, Ohio April 21, 1860.  The family moved to Illinois when she was four years old and made their home near Sumner.  In March 1878 she was married to J M Brian.  She died January 25, 1919 at age 58.  

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            Johnson, a native of Lawrenceville, will present a program on the history of Lawrenceville High School, his alma mater, from its beginnings at Old Central on 12th Street, to its current new campus on James Street.
            Johnson is a graduate of the University of Illinois and Ohio State University, and served as a communications engineer with the U.S. Air Force.  Over the past 50 years, he has flown over 6,000,000 miles, visited 54 countries, and, among his exploits, chased polar bears across the Canadian Artic and jogged the Great Wall of China.  Johnson is the author of 23 travel and adventure books.

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