Thursday, November 5, 2015

Items from Jan 2, 1943- A Plane Crash, a Move, a Car Accident and a Bridge Repair

Daily Record January 2, 1943 Bridgeport Flyer Unhurt in Emergency Landing

Lieut. David Lake of Bridgeport, flight engineer at the Army school at Walnut Ridge Arkansas, escaped uninjured when the plane in which he was riding toppled over on its nose during an emergency landing in a weed field east of Carbondale last weekend.

With Lieut. Lake and pilot of the plane was Lieut. Eddie Tooley of New Orleans, instructor. The officers were on a weekend flight from Walnut Ridge to the airport at Lawrenceville in a single- motored training plane. Shortly after crossing the Mississippi River south of Cape Girardeau they ran into sleet and ice immediately began forming on the plane, forcing them to make an emergency landing.

The ship flew over Carbondale at about 400 feet, continued east of town and then dropped into the soft soil of the idle field. Lieut. Tooley reported the plane bounced twice and then settled on the ground but that the wheels buried in a soft spot, nosing the ship over. A crew from Scott Field came for the plane, which was not badly damaged.

Daily Record January 2, 1943

Today is M day for the selective service office in Lawrenceville; But not Mobilization Day just Moving Day.

Clerks of the board had a busy morning directing the transfer men who moved their files and other belongings from the top floor of the courthouse to the basement suite formally occupied by the Old Age Assistance Office. The grim expressions of the dirt – smudged faces of the clerical workers indicated that further investigation on the part of the press would not be advisable at this time.

Daily Record January 2, 1943 Donald Murphy Resting in Vincennes Hospital

Victor Murphy, this morning told Chief of Police Fiscus that his son, Donald Murphy, 12, who was struck by a car in front of the Avalon theater Thursday night, was resting well today in the hospital in Vincennes and was expected to recover. His father said the boy had suffered a fractured skull.

Chief Fiscus said Donald had darted across the street toward the theater about 11 o'clock New Year's Eve, apparently intent on going to the midnight show. It is not known whether he ran into a car driven by Mrs. Mabel Dean of the 1400 block on Charles or if he ran in front of the car and was struck down. Mrs. Dean was accompanied by her husband. Donald was taken first to Dr. Vic Brian's office and later to the hospital.

Daily Record January 2, 1943 

The County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to pay from the county treasury half the cost of repairing two bridges, one over the Embarras on the Billet-Vincennes Road and the other over Raccoon Creek in Denison Township. Total cost of which Denison Township will pay the other half, is estimated at $680. Receipts of the treasury included $1950 from a hog sale at the County (Poor) Farm.