Saturday, November 7, 2015

Furniture Refinishers Needed

 Are you in need of a Winter Project? Do you have expertise at cleaning and restoring?

The furnishings at Dr Schrader's office in Lanterman History Village have been removed from the building and are awaiting cleaning and restoration.  The furniture needs a good cleaning and lots of furniture polish; the bottles a good washing. The books needs to be dusted. In addition there are two vintage wheelchairs that need a bit of work. Both needs to be cleaned and polished, but one needs to be re-caned, thanks to the vandalism that occurred before the Historical Society became involved.  If you would like to help, with either hands or donations please contact David Burgett at 618-928-4666.

 We  are also in need of a few artificial Christmas trees for a display we have in mind...So if you have one in your attic or garage that you don't need, please call N King. 618-945-9573

Have you looked at the diplomas we have on line to see if we have one for your ancestor?!diplomas/c1tu4