Monday, November 16, 2015

Chas. Teschmacher--Favorite Pastime and Sin

Robinson Constitution:  Research by D. Foote

JANUARY 11, 1893
Our foreign readers and where they live:
C.R. Fisher-Russellville
Mrs. Jane Chiddix-Bridgeport
Thomas Edgington-Russellville
 Ex-treasurer Billy Martin is now engaged in the grain and flour exchange business in Lawrenceville.
Russellville Lodge No. 348 F. & A.M. acting under special disposition from the Grand East, under date of December 24, 12892, elected, appointed and installed the following officers for the ensuing year.
Thomas H. Maxedon, W.M.
Noah M. Tohill, S.W.
Fred Cox, J.W.
James H. Mickey, Treasurer
G.M. Funk, Jr-Secretary
D.M. Rundle, S.D.
J.W. Weger, J.W.
E. Rundle and J.P. Weger, Stewards
G.W. Dickenson, Chaplain
J. D. Moore, Tyler
Bro. Sampson Taylor, officer installing.

JANUARY 18, 1893
Heathsville item: The Odd-Fellows Lodge was instituted in Maxedon Hall, last Tuesday night. Birds, Flat Rock and Robinson were well represented. Mr. Robert Mitchell of Birds, was the instituting officer. The lodge here will have about thirty-two members.
The Lawrenceville Herald says the citizens of Lawrenceville have subscribed $500 to finish prospecting for coal.

JANUARY 25, 1893
J.K. Dickerson of Lawrenceville, who travels for John Morris' Co., was in town yesterday interviewing our county officials. Mr. Dickerson is making a strong fight for U.S. Marshal. We would like to see the 16th district, secure one of the three good appointments that the southern division of the State is to have. It deserves it.

FEBRUARY 1, 1893
Flat Rock item: Frank, son of John Gravitt, formerly of this place, was killed Friday night by an O & M train near the Lawrenceville junction. He was in the employ of the road as night walker when the accident happened.
J.I. Brydon, of the Martinsville Planet and C. F. Breer, of the Lawrenceville Herald, have been appointed to committee clerkships at Springfield. Good again.
At Lawrenceville a fine vein of soft coal has been found six feet thick at a depth of 396 feet. Since coal has been found in paying quantities they claim that they have assured that a proper mill will be built there next summer.

FEBRUARY 22, 1893

Lawrenceville is filled with talk about Chas Teschmacher, one of Lawrenceville's citizens, who some ten days since left an estimable wife and family, with quite a number of friends with the sack to hold, in the sums from $20 t0 $150, the total amounting to about $2,000, principally, security debts. It is also the rumor that he has "gone with that handsome girl." It seems that he has been pursuing his favorite pastime and sin for lo, these dozen years. He has left his property mortgaged to about its full value. He has for many years been very prominent in the Christian church, but some months ago erased his name writing opposite "Gone with the World."