Tuesday, November 10, 2015

1317 Lexington St 1971 and 1939

May 1939 1317 Lexington St

July 1971 1317 Lexington 
Daily Record July 14 1971                                                             
Cannon’s Furniture at 1317 Lexington near the railroad has a new front.  The grocery store windows have been replaced by an attractive brick area on the west side and three smaller plate glass windows on the east side of the front of the building.  A new awning has been constructed and the top of the building covered with sheathing. 

The top photograph is of the store building when it was occupied by the Big Four Grocery back in May 1939.  Virgil Theriac’s Barber shop adjoins the building on the east side, and it too sports a new front; at least its different from the 1939 picture. 

Hey photographers:  Would someone please take an updated photo of these same buildings?