Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tom Mix in Bridgeport

By Billie Hudspeth

(in Bridgeport, IL, 1931)

I have no idea why I was on Church Street that day.  Daddy was running the coffee plant then so I might have had lunch there; but, ordinarily, when I was in the fifth grade, I went home for lunch.  At any rate, I was on my way back to Number One School. At that time, Church Street was “up on the hill”, where more successful people lived.

 I passed Aunt Anna and Uncle Doc’s house, past Vere French’s and was near Doctor Griffith’s, the dentist, when I saw the most wonderful car I had ever seen.  It was a Cord Convertible, light colored, with top down, and the top was a darker color.  Then a man came down the walk from Doc Griffith’s dressed like nothing I had seen except at the dime matinees.  His pants were rather tight riding breeches, with boots that came up to just below his knees. One thing I noticed was that his pants were sun faded, except for on the sides, looking very much like the wearer had carried guns in holsters there.  The shirt was interesting with close fitting cuffs; there was something of a double breasted effect in a panel across the front, with buttons on both edges and across the top.  The man was wearing a Stetson hat, western style, with a rather high crown.  While I watched, he turned around, waved to Doc, got in the Cord and drove away.  As I went on the short distance to the school, some of the other fifth graders told me that was Tom Mix!!!  I saw Tom Mix and did not know it!

Ladies: Don't forget to buy your tickets for the Oct 7 Lunch and Learn program to be held at the Lawrence County Public Library located 1 block south of the square!  Reservations are due Friday Oct 2 so the committee can give the caterer the head count! Tickets ($15.00 each)  are available at the Finishing Touch in Lawrenceville, Jane's Beauty Salon in Bridgeport, or by mail: PO Box 425, Lawrenceville, Il 62439.