Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Society's Spooky Soiree

             It’s Halloween time, and this month the Lawrence County Historical Society will get in the “spirit” of things with a program on the weird, wonderful, and unexplainable in our local past.  Donna Wildes, retired teacher and student of the paranormal, will be the featured speaker at the Society’s meeting on Monday, October 26, 7:00 p.m. at the museum in Lawrenceville. 
            Wildes, a native of Terre Haute, Indiana, received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Indiana State University, and, until her retirement, was an elementary and special education teacher in her hometown and in schools in Massachusetts and North Carolina.  She and her husband now live in Lawrence County, in a century-old home with a tendency to have things “go bump in the night.”  And, just to add to the mix, her daughter, Sarah, is a descendant of the Sarah Wildes who was hanged in 1692 during the Salem witch trials.

            The meeting is open to the public, and those who attend are invited to bring their own stories of shudders and shivers.