Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday's Notes

This is a photo of the old BTHS building looking south.  The photo is not dated.

With both school reunions  (BTHS and LTHS) the sales of the Society's Book about the history of the county's 76 one room school books increased.  If you haven't purchased one, check the website (under the Shop menu). It would make a perfect Christmas gift.

We also have the 2016 calendars for sale now.  The pictures on the calendar are from the 2015 photo contest entries and these calendars would also make good gifts for those relatives you don't know what else to get them. The pictures are all taken in Lawrence County.

Speaking of photo contests, next June the Historical Society will be once again sponsoring a photography contest, but instead of asking for photographs taken of historic places in Lawrence County, we will be seeking photographs in conjunction with the Smithsonian exhibit arriving next September.  The theme will be water in Lawrence County.  For example you might take a picture of Red Hill Lake, or a snowstorm, or a close up of a drop of dew on a flower petal...anything that relates to water in the county. The photo must be taken between June 2015 and June 2016; the rules will be similar to this years and can be found on the website

The museum is open for the present on Mondays from 10-3.  We hope to have it open more days once we get more volunteers.