Friday, October 30, 2015

Ghost Story 1883

(Ed:  Every year at Halloween we receive emails asking for ghost stories.  David Foote found one in the 1883  Robinson Constitution, albeit written in August but it's still a ghost story. We can neither prove nor disprove the truth in this story.)

August 8, 1883
There is said to be a ghost in the Embarrass river at Charlottesville and that crowds of people go there daily to hear its mutterings.

August 15, 1883
We understand that five hundred people visited the Embarrass River near Charlottesville last Sunday, where the troubled spirit of old man Shidler is said to be heard. Another story is now going the rounds in reference to the matter. Some years ago, it is said, a daughter-in-law of Shidler conceived the idea of going out over the hole where the spirit is located and calling on it to speak. "If you are the spirit of Papa Shidler" said she, "make the water boil." And immediately after the water was troubled to such an extent as to almost capsize the frail boat. The lady has since declared that nothing could induce her to venture over the the fated spot again. (LAWRENCEVILLE RURAL)

A large number of people still visit the river to hear the supposed spirits. Flat Rock must have more superstitious people than anywhere, as the whole town was there last Sunday. Ted Klinger says 'it' is after the Commissioners for not putting the bridge at Charlottesville on the Road.

And I hate to disappoint the readers but.....

July 16, 1884

As to the noise in the Ambraw river below Charlottesville, which superstitious natives believe to be Peter Shilders's ghost and which made great excitement last summer...  no doubt the "ghost" is what is known as a drum fish.

Halloween postcard found in the Society's Collection:  "Sunbonnet Babies and the Bogie Man"

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