Sunday, October 11, 2015

Civil War Pensions and an Invitation to a Reunion

Still looking for your Civil War Ancestor:  Robinson Constitution Researched by D. Foote

Dec 7 1887 to Jan 11, 1888
Benj. F. Gosnell-Co A 62 Ill. original from Pinkstaff
Robert Kennedy Co H 8 Mo-original from Birds
H.S. Cochran Co A 62 Ill. from Pinkstaff
Eli Mushrush Co E 7 Ill-from Chauncey
G.W. Borden Co H 51 Ind from Birds
Joel D. Baker Co G 7 Mo-from Chauncey
F.M. Sloan Co I 69 Ill Sumner

FEB 1, 1888
F.M. Sloan Co I 66 Ill Vols-Sumner
John Cooper Co H 2 NY Vols-Sumner
J.F. Mills Co F 91 Ill Birds for an increase

MARCH 14, 1888
Levett Hughley 5 Cav-Bridgeport-increase
G.W. Gordon Co B 33 Ind-Sumner-increase
Lafayette Barnes Co H 66 Ill -Sumner-increase

MARCH 28, 1888
John Fulliton Co A 63 Ill-increase-from Bridgeport
James Baslett Co H 26 Ill-increase from Bridgeport

Jacob T. Gheer, Co H  26 Ill Vols-increase-St. Francisville
John Lindsey, Co C 47 Ill-Bird Station-original
Benj.F. Pence, Co C 160 Ohio Inf-original-Lawrenceville
Una Suser D.J. Ill Cav-Bridgeport-increase
Samuel A. Donahay, Co A 31 Ind-Sumner-increase
George W. McNece, Co K 32 Ill-Sumner-increase
Joseph A Black, Co G 11 Mo-original-Lawrenceville

Conrad Baker, Co k 9 Ind Cav-Lawrenceville-increase
George M. Vincel, Co E 143 Ohio-Birds-original
Milton Green, Co H 151 Ind Allison, Ill-original

MAY 23, 1888
The sixth annual re-union of the soldiers and sailors of all wars, will be held at Birds, Lawrence County August 21, 22 and 23, next, under the auspices of Birds Post. No. 150 G.A.R.
The G.A.R. Post of Birds, will decorate the graves of their dead comrades at the Charlottsville cemetery Wednesday, May 30th. A good program has been arranged, good music and good speakers.

MAY 29, 1889
Wm Forsythe Co K 133 Ohio Inf-increase from Sumner
Henry Miller, Co E Ill-original from Lawrenceville

JUNE 26, 1889
F. M. Barker-Co K 70Ill original from Russellville
A.J. Moore-Co M 3d Ky Cav-increase from Sumner
Danl Ranbarger-Co E 65 Ill original from Russellville
Wm Kimse-Co B 133d Ind original from Lawrenceville

AUGUST 5, 1891
We are in receipt of a letter from Bro Will Seed, of Sumner, editor of the Press, telling us all about their big reunion to be held there August 19th, 20th and 21st next. We notice the names of the following distinguished speakers on the bill, which accompanied the letter: Gov Joseph Fifer, Gens Pavey and Martin; Cols Ike Clements and Horace Clark; Capts. Ed Harlan and Cochenour, and the Hon Ethelbert Callahan of this city.

 Every vet is invited to attend and have a good time with those he has not met, perhaps since 1861. There will be no gambling allowed closer than Vincennes. Good music is a good thing when the boys reune* and there will be lots of it there, and they are also guaranteed plenty of water, stacks of wood and piles of straw as large as Ben Potter's show tent, all free. Tents are to be furnished all who attend; that is, old soldiers.

From what the Press says this reunion is to be the boss of all former efforts in this part of the state. The Constitution would just say this, if you want a way up big time, a regular old fashioned time, you better cut your cards to take in the Sumner Reunion August 19th, 20th and 21st.

(Ed Note:* and another new verb...)