Friday, September 25, 2015

Husband's Elopes with Wife's Sister

The Sand Ridge Scandal
Sumner Press
April 19, 1883

A Faithless Husband Elopes with his Wife's Sister

Henry (Charles H.) Stover is a young farmer of Sand Ridge, Lawrence County, Illinois and Mrs. Mattie (Martha) Stover is his wife. The Stover family contained another inmate in the person of a Miss Bearley, a sister of Mrs. Stover, and by the way a rather pre-possessing and modest looking young lady. Some six months ago a storm cloud burst over the Stover mansion, resulting in the separation of husband and wife. Henry had a habit of getting up of nights for a drink of water, and was continually making mistakes by getting into the wrong bed on his return. The only person who was dissatisfied with these little mistakes was Mrs. Stover, who thought that her sister ought to sleep by herself or get a husband of her own.

About two weeks ago, Stover emigrated to East St. Louis, taking with him a wagon and team and $15 in cash which he obtained by selling his wife's pet calf. Arriving in East St. Louis, he wrote to his sister-in-law inviting her to join him. She went on Tuesday of last week and Sheriff Ryan took passage on the same train armed with a warrant for Stover's arrest charging him with the theft of the "calf money." At East St. Louis, Stover was found anxiously awaiting for his lady love and the Sheriff quietly took him in charge, brought him back to Lawrenceville and lodged him in jail, the young lady returning also. The case came up before Judge Barnes last Thursday who discharged the prisoner on the grounds that a man cannot steal from his wife. The young woman's father refused or neglected to rescue her from the villain’s power and on Friday morning the pair again departed for the West on the early train.

(Ed Note:  Charles H Stover married Martha Bearley on April 24, 1879 in Lawrence County.)

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