Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fire on the Prairie 1867

Fire on the Prairie Nov 20, 1867 Cincinnati Times
We learn that as the train on the O & M Railroad was approaching Vincennes, Ind., from the west, it was discovered that the prairie west of the Wabash river, In Lawrence county Ill was on fire—the whole country, for twenty-five miles being completely enveloped in flames.  Houses, barns, fences etc were being consumed, and it is highly probably that not all the people living in the vicinity escaped.  At one point the train ran through a body of fire, but with such swiftness that the cars, and all inside, escaped uninjured.  The trestle work over the Wabash bottom five miles west of Vincennes, which is nearly a mile long, was enveloped in flames, so that the passengers and baggage were transferred to the side, and the Western train returned to this city.

(Ed Note:  Researchers are not sure if the passengers were just left by the side of the tracks… the fire…or not.)