Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Clyde Storer, Billiards Player

Clyde Storer, Mgr of the Havolines 1920's
Published in 1934
Clyde Storer, manager of the City Cigar Store on the West side of the Square in Lawrenceville in February of 1925 was not just the manager of the Havoline ball team, he was also a a pretty good pool player.  The local newspaper ran several articles about his matches at cushion billiards. In addition to playing the game, Storer would give demonstrations of fancy shots on the table.   He later moved to Chicago in 1931, and became president of the National Billiard Association. Previously he had served as Director of Players and later as Director of Professional Tournaments. As President he would have complete direction of all professional and amateur billiard tournaments. Before that time, he had devoted most of his time to amateur billiards. In 1936 while still President of the Association,   pocket billiards was transferred from its somewhat cramped environment into the spotlight of a major indoor attraction including changes in roles, championship play, and staging.