Friday, September 18, 2015

Adam and Eve 1883

While going through the old Sumner Press newspapers, the following letter appeared on January 23, 1883. My researcher didn't realize what it was until he got near the end. Can you figure it out?

Sumner Press
January 23, 1883

An old Letter from Adam to Eve:  The following letter, inscribed in hieroglyphics on a large petrified fig leaf, has recently been discovered by treasure hunters.

Edonia, December, Year Two

Dear Eve,
I have now been on the rampage one month looking for our new home. I have seen some branches that will do pretty well, but none of them just the ticket.

The old garden is a hard place to beat, but we have lost that and are turned out to "root hog or die." We will fight it through tho' on this line if it takes all summer. Eating that Apple was a great blunder, but my dear girl, let bygones be bygones, there is hope for us yet.

You know we are thinly clad and the weather is raw and cold, but I find that Lewis and Fyffe have just the thing we want, it is the New Light running American Sewing Machine; and now that you have a great many clothes to make for yourself and Cain, I feel I can make it much lighter on you by stopping at the Lewis and Fyffe Store at Bridgeport and getting you one of those noiseless self-threading #17 machines; they promised to warrant them our lifetime, and from what I know of machinery they will surely do our great grandchildren noble service.

From your loving husband,
P. S.-Keep your eye on Cain, he's a "bad one."