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GAR News 1885-1886

Robinson Constitution  Research by D Foote

The GAR was a Civil War Vet Organization.  The newspapers published news of their events, as they were THE social events of time.  Also pension applications were published at the time. 

August 26, 1885-Birds
The G.A.R’,s cleared about two hundred and fifty dollars at the reunion. The reunion passed off without a single fight. Too bad.

August 26, 1885-Birds
Lum Bristow, who has been in Kansas the past year came here to take in the reunion. (GAR)

Sep 2, 1885-from Birds
Flem Glass received five dollars for a month's work on the G.A.R.
Wm Lynch, who was arrested on suspicion of selling whisky here during the reunion had a hearing before Justice Regan Thursday and came clear, there being no evidence against him.

October 7, 1885-from Birds
The G.A.R.'s will have a carpet ball supper here on the evening of the 22nd.

Oct 28, 1885-Flat Rock news
Some of the young folks attended the carpet ball supper at Birds Thursday night and report quite an enjoyable time.

Dec 9, 1885
The G.A.R.'s will have a neck tie supper here on the night of the 18th of December. Everybody invited.

DEC 30, 1885-from Birds
The neck tie supper here Friday night wound up as a general knockdown and drag out, caused by a lot of drunken boys and men who have no respect for themselves or anybody else. The fight took place in the hall while supper was being eaten. Constable R.M. Highsmith and Isaac Delong both had their eyes fearfully blackened and bruised. Revolvers, knives and brass knuckles were flourished in every direction. We are pained to say that this was one of the most disgraceful affairs that ever took place here. Warrants have been sworn out for twenty five or thirty and the case will probably come up today, Monday. It would be a God send if some of those hoodlums would be landed in the penitentiary.

JUNE 23, 1886
John T. Lindsay, of Birds, Ill., was before the board making application for pension on account of a son, who died in the army., a member of the 47th Ill Inf'ry

AUGUST 25, 1886
The soldiers reunion is in full blast at Bird Station. Yesterday was opening day. Several of our citizens will go done to-day. A good time is always insured at Bird's reunions; go.

AUGUST 25, 1886
Honey Creek News: Everybody and his cousin attended the reunion at Birds last week.

AUGUST 25, 1886
PENSION BOARD- examined the following:
Benjamin Howell, Co D, 53rd Ohio Inf from Chauncey
W. H. Harris, Co F, 62d Ill inf. from Chauncey
Mr. Landes addressed a large and enthusiastic gathering of old soldiers at the Birds re-union a few days ago, and his remarks were greeted with the heartiest applause. His votes in congress were all in favor of the veterans, and every pledge he made in 1884 he strictly adhered to. Soldiers’ rights had no harder worker, no stauncher supporter in the House of Representatives than our present, and sure to be next Congressman. Hon. Silas Z. Landes.

Tendered by W.H. Fritchey Post G.A.R. at the adjournment of their great four days re-union, Aug. 17 to 20, at Birds, Ill.
To Col. Jesse Harper, of Danville, Ill., the champion advocate of the rights of old vets in blue, to show what their rights are is abundantly able to do.
To John A. Watts Post, G.A.R. of Sumner, Ills., for their participation in the sham fight, comrades we bequeath to you success and good cheer. Our post will join yours in another sham racquet next year.
To Hon. S.Z. Landes, Member of Congress 16th District Ill., who responded right boldly to the soldiers call, strongly in favor of helping us all.
To Hon. E. Callahan, of Robinson, Ill., one of Illinois' ablest sons, with his manly appeal for the boys in blue, was loyal, faithful and true.
To Comrade J. Fields, who hails from Colorado, Rocky Heights, made most noble appeal for justice and his old command’s rights.
To the Rev. Madding, of Bridgeport, Ill, the soldier divine, who chiseled so gloriously close to the line.
To the Allendale Band, who banished all care, and gladdened the hearts of all who were there.
To the BARD OF BIRDEYE, as we go along, enlivened the occasion, by a spright little song.
To the loyal hearted citizens, who assisted in so many ways to make our great re-union four joyful days.
B.F. GOSNELL,Rec. Sec.

OCTOBER 13, 1886
There are 216 disabled veterans in Lawrence county drawing pensions. They receive $5,729.40 each quarter, or $22, 917.60 per year. SUMNER PRESS

OCTOBER 20, 1886
The G.A.R. post at Bird Station will have a grand entertainment at their large and commodious hall in that village on Thursday night Nov 4th. Carpet ball supper, good music, both vocal and instrumental are  to enliven the occasion.

DECEMBER 15, 1886
Pension Exam at Robinson
O. Hall, Co B 26th Ind, Bird Station

DECEMBER 15, 1886

Several young people from this neighborhood (Honey Creek Twp) attended the neck tie supper at Bird Station Thursday night and report a big crowd and a good time. Birds’ never does anything by halves.