Monday, August 24, 2015

Fillmore and Hutton Basketball Players and Cheerleaders March 1971

Fillmore School Basketball  Team March 1971
First Row: David Hutchings, Richard Vandermark, Larry Leighty and Charles Baum
Second Row: David Carie, David Young, Bob Dining, Bryan Gillespie, Gregory Buchanan and Tony Barker.
Third Row: Dennis Dixon, Coach; Terry McAdow, Ricky Lawrence, Steven Dickirson, Mark McAdow and Kieth Gillespie.  (Jim McAdow wasn’t present at picture-taking time due to illness.)

Hutton School Basket Ball Team  March 1971
 Cheerleaders:  Becky Benson, Jane Poe, Patty Painter, Rita Benson, Jeanie Funk, Susan Thompson, Lora Thompson, Brenda Lockhart and Amy Laakman. 
Team: Steve Lockhart, Dave Ravellette, Lawrence Painter, Mike Gosnell, Richard Poe, David Bowlby, David Neighbors, Oren Ravellette, Dennis Carey, Daniel Bowlby and John Young. 

Coach Phil Alsman.

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