Friday, August 14, 2015

Cotton on Allison Prairie Early 1800's

New York Times Feb 23, 1862
The following extract from a letter, written to the Agricultural Bureau, by Hon. John Law, of Indiana, conclusively establishes the feasibility of growing cotton so far North as Vincennes:

House of Representatives, Washington, Tuesday, Jan 21, 1862

 It is a singular fact that when I first went to Vincennes, some forty-five years since, I have seen on the bank of the Wabash, at that place, from twenty to thirty bales of cotton, at one time, waiting for transportation. It was raised on “Allison Prairie,” directly opposite Vincennes, in Illinois. It was of a quality equaling the Upland cotton of the South, and I have no doubt that a large portion of fair cotton can be raised in all Southern Indian and South Illinois.  Respectfully yours, John Law.