Monday, August 31, 2015

Birds and Brookside Basketball Players and Cheerleaders 1971

Birds School Basketball  Team March 1971
Cheerleaders: Carol Racop, Kathy Fisher, Brenda Rinsch, Cora Littlejohn  and Willa Devin
Second Row: Brian Neer, Timmy Sapp and Steve Seitzinger
Third Row: Ray Sunderman, coach; Alan Weger, Doug Neer, Doyle Steffey, Kent Sapp, Danny Lamb and Joe Weger, assistant coach
Brookside School Basketball  Team March 1971
Front Row: Jim Akers, Mark Joiner, Joe Cooper, Mike Zehner and Danny Childress
Back Row: Steve Anderson, Jack Anderson, Mike Argo, Mike Berry, Chuck Argo and Coach Bob Waller

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