Thursday, July 2, 2015

WWII Photos of Soldiers and Sailors

One of our archival items is a scrapbook done by an unknown maker at an unknown date. However, we believe it was made about the time of WWII, and we are asking our readers to help us date it, among other things.  Over the next few days (or weeks) we will be posting a page, and then the individual pictures enlarged from that page.  Since the majority of pages are individual cut-outs of soldiers' photographs, perhaps you will know about some of the individuals.  If so, please tell us as much about that particular service man (or woman) as you know, so we can put the information with the photo in our WWII files.  If you know where the individual is buried,(or they are still alive!) we would like that information also.  If the person was not a Lawrence County resident, that would also be helpful.

 On this first page, (actually page 3 of album) the third from the left top line photo is David Lagenour from Hazleton, Indiana.  He was the first American soldier from this section of Indiana to be captured by the Germans, in the North African campaign.  (That might help us date the album.)  The only US Navy nurse to escape from Bataan and Corregidor before they fell to the Japanese, Anne Agnes Bernotitos is shown at the bottom right.  Here are the other 13 on the page.
Lawrence Cloyd Baldwin

Donald Piper
H.G. Heer, Radio Technician

1st Lt Eugene L Ledeker

Corp Harold Rodrick

Lt Condr Ira Johnson

Lt Paul Brausa

Lt Paul I Wagner USNR

Pvt Chas Fiscus, son of County Superintendent of Schools and Mrs Glen Fiscus. 

Pvt Donald Merle Ridgley

Sgt George C Angle

Sgt George Shepard
1st Lt Charles L Daily