Thursday, July 9, 2015

Senior Airman vs Sgt

This uniform was originally identified as the uniform of Senior Airman Jones (SrA.) The insignia on the sleeves is a chevron with a white center star.

The ribbon has a wide yellow stripe in the center, flanked by four narrow stripes of red, white, blue and white and wide red strips on each end.  It is awarded for honorable active military service as a member of the Armed Forces beginning with the Korean War (1950-1954);  Vietnam War (1961-1974); Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm (1990-1995) and the Terrorism Attacks 2001- date to be determined).

When we published this on the blog, we thought the readers would be more interested in claiming the discovered tombstone of James Kier Riley, also posted that same day, but that was not the case.  We received more comments about the classification of ‘Senior Airman.’  We are always glad when we are questioned or corrected because it means there are people actually reading the blogs, and no surprise here…they are smarter than we are…

So we went back to the research on this uniform.. and discovered even the Air Force seemed to be somewhat , shall I say ambivalent about this rank, so  we are still confused, or at least I am. ..probably not so, my researchers. 

So just to be sure and to give all of you a chance to weigh in on this issue,  I am asking for help to properly date and identify this uniform.  Please note that the uniform pockets are outside the coat, not inside as they are now. This, with the medals attached,  may help date the uniform and determine  if during this period of time, the rank was Sr Airman or Sgt. …or something else totally different. So let us know, preferably with your research and we will match it up with our research,  so we can get it right.