Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Philip Lewis, County Judge and the Square Dancers

Philip H Lewis, prominent Lawrence County attorney, announced his candidacy for the office of county judge in the Lawrence County News Jan 9, 1958. The paper said he was especially qualified for the office having served the county two terms as judge, 1934-38 and 1938-42 earning for himself the respect and confidence of the Bar Association and people of the county.

He has been a member of the bar since 1913 graduating from Northwestern University Law School, and has practiced law in Lawrence County since his return from military service in France in WWI. 

He was for many years a law partner of B. O. Sumner, and since the death of Mr. Sumner has practiced alone. 

Feb 11,1954  The above photo was published in the Lawrence county News but only we are only to partially read the names.  We are hoping you might recognize the other couples and tell us who they are. 
From L to R:  Mr and Mrs. Melvin Bach, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Lewis,  then we can't make out the next two couples' names, and the couple on the far right are Mr and Mrs. ? Shaw.  In the center is Hugh Livesay, Lawrence County farm advisor.

We thought you might like to see two postcards loaned to us by E Hesler.  The postmark can't be read other than Dec 2 and Dec 7 but both have one cent stamps.  The writing is illegible but hopefully the recipient was able to read them at the time.