Monday, July 6, 2015

More WWII Heros

Here are more photos from the scrapbook believed to have been made in the 1940's.  (page 4) If you know anything about these heros, please contact us at
1st Lt H. O. Petty

Capt C G Stoll

Pvt Homer Foote

George and Fred Foss

Lee Zollars

Levi Lathrop S 1/c

Lt Hazel B Angle

PFC Durl Mortz

Pvt Hawley O ( Bus) Piper  in England, son of C Piper

Pvt Hershel Wright

Pvt Jesse D Moyer

Pvt Kermit Atkins

Pvt Robert B Show

Sgt Elwin Hasler

Sgt Raymond Mieure

Sgt William F Harms

page 4