Wednesday, July 8, 2015

More News of Bird Station 1883

Robinson Constitution    Research by David Foote

October 3, 1883
Dan Shields, of Lawrence county, was in town several days last week looking after a horse thief.
Old man Bird, of Bird Station was in town Thursday in search of a horse which had been stolen a few days previous.
We see by the Lawrenceville papers that Dr. McGowen, of Flat Rock, has purchased property in Bird Eye, Lawrence County, and will probably locate there. We would be sorry to lose the doctor as he is one of the best physicians and surgeons in the county.

October 10, 1883-from Bird Station
The Hop at the mill Thursday night was broken up by a set of drunken renegades who ought to be in lock up somewhere.
Dr. McGowen has given up locating here. We think the Dr. better come.

October 17, 1883
Dr. McGowen has removed from Flat Rock and located at Heathsville, in the extreme southeastern part of the county.

October 17, 1883-Bird Station
It was reported last week that the man who stole old man Bird's horse was at the house of R.R. Lincoln in Licking Township. Officers went there to bring him in but he was not there nor had he been there . (FYI Robert R. Lincoln was a relative of Abe.)

October 24, 1883
The wife of Dr. Meskimen, of Russellville died last week. (Ed note: Mary Meskimen died October 12, 1883 or perforation peritonitis which she had had for 9 days.  She was born in Lawrence County and was 34 yr., 7 mo. and 18 days. EG Gardner of Vincennes, buried her at Phelps (aka Centerville) cemetery.   Her husband, Dr. J. A. Meskimen was her attending physician. )

October 31, 1883
The Lawrenceville Rural says that O.G. Bristoe, of Bird Station, was married last week at Dayton, O., to Miss Kate Hamilton, formerly of Crawford County.

October 31, 1883-Bird Station
The P.O. here has changed hands; E. F. Nuttall is new acting P.M.
There are a few young men in this neighborhood who make it their business to manufacture scandalous reports about young ladies. A public cow-hiding would be a good remedy for them.

November 7, 1883
The Messrs Gosnell have abandoned the flouring mill at Bird Station after having the building up and enclosed.

November 14, 1883
A man named Stone got off a midnight train at Lawrenceville last week and ended his existence with a revolver. He was a teamster en route to Mississippi and was evidently tired of life.

November 28, 1883-from Birds
John Lindsay will be the new P.M. at this place.

December 12, 1883
Frank C. Meserve, editor of the Lawrenceville Herald and also an attorney of that place, spent Saturday and Sunday visiting his many friends in Robinson.

December 26, 1883-From Birds
J.C. Hoke, the Bridgeport Dentist, spends two or three days every week at this place. ( Robinson) Remember this was on the blog in June, and is the same Bridgeport dentist who died in 1905 by ‘sampling too much’  lemon extract…)

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