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More News and Gossip in the Birds and Russellville Communities 1884

Robinson Constitution   Researched by David Foote 

Jan 9, 1884
Tuesday of last week at Russellville, two men, Bob Reeves and Dam Butler, engaged in a quarrel over some whisky, they being intoxicated, and Reeves struck Butler on the head with a hatchet, inflicting wounds from which Butler has been in critical condition. Reeves made his escape.
But by the end of the year……on Dec 24, 1884
Robert Reeves, well known in the south part of the county, who it will be remembered a year ago struck Dan Butler with a hatchet and skipped the country, returned recently, was arrested and placed on trial at Lawrenceville. ( guess he wanted to spend the holidays at home…..)

Jan 30, 1884-from Birds
Sam Blum, of Vincennes is going to open a branch store here in the spring, so we have heard. Lindsay & Bristol have their ice house filled. Mr. Dollahan is now running the saw mill.
Pinkstaff: Miller & Steffy are the new poultry firm in this town.

Feb 13, 1884
The teachers institute at the Ford school is being well attended today.
Our town has a new colored barber, Fred by name.

Apr 9, 1884-Birds items
Ben Davis has crippled himself working on the R.R. He thinks he ought to be placed on the retired list.
Flem Glass is going to start his picture gallery (photography studio) here soon, so he says; and of course that makes it true.
Lawrenceville  items : Dr. Garrard, of Lawrenceville is the latest Congressional candidate.

Apr 23, 1884
Lawrenceville has elected a whisky ticket- the first time in five years.

Apr 30, 1884
A young man named Warner, of near Bird Station, set fire to his father's barn a few days ago which burned to the ground together with its contents-grain.

May 7, 1884-Birds
John B. Regan now has a complete store of millinery goods at the old Pinkstaff stand. Ladies come see him.
A lodge of the Knights of Honor was organized at Russellville last Monday night.
The Appellate Court has affirmed the decision of the Lawrence circuit which gave the heirs of Dr. Gabriel Smith, at Lawrenceville, judgment against the Wabash Railway Company, as damages for the doctor's death.

May 21, 1884
Lawrenceville has a saloon-the first in several years.

June 4, 1884-Birds
There are a few men and boys here who engage in playing marbles during church hours, thinking it makes them look smart. Poor fellows.
Our hotel has changed hands. Mrs. Lydia Ford as proprietress.
The Ed (editor), of the Rural, came to the front last week with a long story of Klukluxism in Bond, which was news to a good many.

June 4, 1884
Sheriff Ryan, of Lawrence county was in town last week.

June 14, 1884-Birds
Our Sunday school has a new organ. Who says we live in the backwoods?
Steve Willet and John Sullivan are organizing a negro show here. They will take the road in a few weeks.
John R. Young has opened up a grand hardware and implement house at Bird Station. (Young also had one in Flat Rock)

June 18-1884
Birds now has two barbers; neither one knows how to shave.

June 25, 1884

A man by the name of King was drowned in the Embarrass river at Lawrenceville Wednesday night last while bathing.