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Marion May, Sumner Businessman

October 18,1889 Sumner Press 
 Sumner Press
July 31, 1902

Marion May Retires
A business as old as the town itself finally passes to other hands

As will be seen by the ad in this issue Marion May & Sons have sold their great department store on Christy Avenue, in Sumner, to Messrs, Bradford and Buchanan, of Waverly, this state. It will take some time for our people to get used to the changes, the firm of May having been the leading house in the dry goods business here since the town was started 47 years ago, when Jacob May, father of Marion May, started a store here with Nicholas Shawn as manager.

Since he has had charge Marion May has largely extended the business until it is second to none in southern Illinois. This has been built by selling goods in large quantities at small profits. This great trade has been held by honest dealing with their customers. This reputation has drawn custom from far and near, and made many firm friends who will greatly regret that Mr. May has decided to go out of the dry goods business. The change is made solely on account of health, the care and work necessary to oversee such a large establishment being more than his physical strength could enter longer.

However, Mr. May does not intend to leave Sumner, but has retained and will continue the banking business. This, with the large capital at his command, he feels he can make successful in every way. The bank will remain at the old stand until the completion of the new brick, which will be built just north of T. F. Hoopes store, where the bank will be removed.

Mr. Buchanan, of the new firm is here ready to take charge, and will remove his family here as soon as a house can be obtained. He seems a very pleasant gentleman and a thorough businessman, who will do everything in his power for his customers.

Sumner Press
July 31, 1902

Establishment of the New Store

The new store, successors to Marion May & Sons, will be known as the "Star Store".

We come among you as strangers, and we want to get acquainted as quickly as possible. We extend a cordial invitation to all citizens of Sumner and vicinity to call. Give us a part of your trade, and we assure you that we will treat you right. Business is no experiment with us. We have been at it for the past 25 years.

We have a store at Waverly, one at Greenville, one at Vandalia, one at Virden, one at Tuscola, and one at Pocahontas. This will give you good evidence that we understand ourselves in this line, and will be of assurance to you that we treat people right all along the line. Otherwise we could not have been successful. We propose to carry a first-class line of goods in all departments, and will add a fine line of Dress Goods, Cloaks and Carpets. We are going to stick to standard brands of merchandise in all departments, and we will at all times furnish you good reliable goods.

We expect to commence a general clearance sale throughout the entire stock and we propose to move the stock regardless of cost. Cost will not be considered at all. The object is to clean out the stuff as soon as possible to make room for Fall Goods.

Three buyers will start August 7, to purchase goods for our seven stores. We buy everything for spot cash and in such large quantities that we can simply undersell even the larger towns.

Under by and undersell has been our motto for the past 25 years.

Don't fail to come and see us. Look us through and if you do not by a dollars worth of goods we will be delighted with your call and will consider it a favor.

Tombstone for Marion May, Sumner Cemetery