Tuesday, July 14, 2015

LTHS Drawings in Yearbook 1928

Dear Readers: Writing this blog for the last five years every weekday and keeping the website up to date has taken a lot of time and effort. I personally couldn’t do it without my researchers, or my volunteer art director who makes the website look good, and I can’t thank them enough for all that they do.   As volunteers there are times we wonder if it’s important or if anyone really cares whether we continue or not. Couldn’t our time be more productively spent trying to raise money or doing other hands-on- activities to further the goals of the Society?    AND THEN something like the following occurs.

H Young of Chicago wrote hoping to track down a yearbook from the Lawrenceville High School, the "annuals" as her dad calls them, from 1927 or 1928 (or perhaps both?).

My grandmother, Lelia A. Moody (later married name "Hobbs") attended the Lawrenceville High School and I believe was a senior in either '27 or '28. My dad tells me that she submitted some ink and pen drawings that he remembers being in the yearbook that he would do anything to see again. He doesn't ask for much and his health is poor, and I think it would be an amazing present if I could track it down.

We were able to find these drawings, scan and send them to her.   (They are beautiful and she was very talented.)   This is the reply we received back. 

Lawrence County Historical Society Researchers: Thank you so much! I can't believe you found them!! I felt like this might be a shot in the dark the whole time!! WOW! I had no idea how beautiful her drawings would be. It gave me goosebumps to see them. My dad loves the one where the Freshman boy is reaching for the Book of Knowledge. And her photo and the school play... what an interesting glimpse into what her life was like during those times. It means so much to me. Plus I sent these to my dad and he was so incredibly happy. I hope to have the set of them printed and framed for him. When I mentioned that to him I think he got a little teary eyed! The whole thing is such an incredible surprise. He didn't even know that I remembered him mentioning the drawings. 

Ms. Young would not have known about us but for the website and blog. Without collecting and preserving old yearbooks we would not have been able to help her. We are grateful we were able to touch a life and are committed to carrying out the work of preserving the past.  Please help by joining as a member, volunteering on Mondays at the Museum, or Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at the Genealogy library, or sending a donation.  If the Historical Society has touched your life in some way, please let us hear from you.   Thank you for being such loyal readers.  All the best, Donna