Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lanterman History Village

Pepple School, a one room schoolhouse, and Dr. John Frank Schrader's Office were relocated to Lanterman Park, Bridgeport, IL for preservation in 1976 by the Lawrence County Bicentennial Commission. Due to lack of funding, both historic buildings are now in need of substantial renovation.
Pepple School is a one room schoolhouse originally constructed in approximately 1892 serving the community continuously until 1948. Contained within this structure are period schoolhouse furnishings set up as it would have been when it was in use.
Dr. John Frank Schrader practiced medicine about 1895 in the other building.  This wood frame structure consists of a waiting room in front and an exam room in the rear. Most of Dr. Schrader's original equipment and furnishings are still intact and would be available to use in the restoration of the building. However, major renovation on this structure is needed to be able to allow public access.
The desired goal is to utilize these historic buildings as a site for educational field trips for local schools and the general public, and to bring to life the actual conditions and common practices of life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In 2009 the Historical Society asked you to “buy a bundle” of shingles to reroof the one room school building. And you did….and we did.  Well, Steve Cassem did the reroofing…Now once again we are asking you to step forward and contribute to the ongoing restoration effort not  only on the school building but on Dr. Schrader’s office as well. 

Headed up by David Burgett as project manager, he has recruited a group of people who all have a Master’s degree in M.I.H. (Make It Happen).  What they have on their to-do list for these two buildings, would make your wife’s to-do list look real pathetic.

New shingles
Repair or reconstruct six window sashes and replace one window pane
Repair transom above back door
Make all doors functional and secure
Repair or rebuild front porch
Minor repairs to siding and trim
Paint exterior
Construct new steps at back door
Repair buckle in exam room floor and restore all floors
Make minor repairs to plaster walls and ceiling, and paint the interior
Clean and rejuvenate medical instruments, furniture and books
Replace period linoleum in exam room if existing is not salvageable

Repairs to siding, trim and windows
Paint exterior
Repair structural floor joist issue
Find more desks and books
Construct new fence

M. Helser. People's State Bank of  Newton,
 Bridgeport branch, presenting check ot D. Burgett
for Lanterman History Village
So now the group needs 4 things….volunteers, money, volunteers, and money…did I repeat myself?  You may have heard that the Spitler Foundation donated funds for the school restoration so that school kids could visit every year. This money will be used to get professional assistance with the structural floor joist issue.  Another $1500 has already been donated by super good people who want to see these structures preserved.

Now we are asking anyone who attended a rural school, or taught in one, or is a descendant of someone who attended a rural school as well as anyone who has every gone to a doctor’s office…wait! That would be almost all of you reading this I suspect….please donate funds to help with Lanterman History Project.   

There are four levels of giving. Actually I am pretty sure the group will take any amount… but just to get you thinking what your donation will accomplish:

Buy a Bundle                $25 shingles
Give me Two                $40  two gallons of paint
Build a Porch                $100 lumber
Fix a Floor                    $500 joists

Send your checks to Lawrence County Historical Society, PO Box 425, Lawrenceville, Il 62439. Please mark on your check  “For Lanterman History Village”

Next David Burgett will be announcing some workdays in the near future so plan on showing up with a paint brush or hammer or mop and broom to help with the volunteer part of this project.  If you have special skills that you think will be helpful, you may contact David at