Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Information about WWII Photographs Posted July2 and 6

Nearly 987,000 men and women from Illinois served in WWII. We posted two scrapbook pages with photos of WWII heroes July 2 and July 6.

When F. Price told Levi Lathrop, professor for several years at Olney Central College, that his photo was on our wall of heroes he was surprised.

Thanks to readers E Brumley, A Couts, and A Jones and some of our researchers, we found the following information about some of the photographs.  If anyone has additional information about these or the others that we published,  or more photographs please contact us, as we would like to add them to our veterans' Archives.

Durl D. Mortz (7/16/1909--7/24/1972) His father was Charles Alexander Mortz. Durl enlisted March 31, 1942.  He is buried at Lawrenceville City Cemetery.

Charles Albert Fiscus, son of County Superintendent of Schools, Glen Fiscus and himself Lawrenceville City clerk during the 1980’s.  Charles is buried in Lawrenceville City Cemetery. His tombstone says S SGt US Army Air Corp. Sept 6, 1917-Sept 8, 1990.

Ira W. Johnson, CDR US Navy (6/11/1896--3/25/1976) is buried in Sumner Cemetery.

Photo of Hazel B Angle
Capt Army Nurse Corp?
Donald Merle Ridgley (11/16/1919--7/4/1997) is buried at Bridgeport City Cemetery. He was the son of roy and Sarah Earnst Ridgley.

Hazel B Angle is buried at Pleasant Hill. Her tombstone says Capt Army Nurse Corp. (6/27/1910—4/25/1958)

Fred Foss (3/25/1917—4/23/2007 US Navy) is buried in Lawrenceville City Cemetery sec G.

Homer G Foote (4/24/1919—11/23/2005) PFC US Army  is buried in Sumner Cemetery.

Charles G Stoll, (Maj US Army 10/17/1900—6/13/1982) is buried in Lawrenceville City Cemetery Sec A.

Lee R Zollars was the son of Everest Wayne and Florina Fiscus Zollars. He died May7, 1979 and is buried in New Jersey.

 This article was also found on line and edited somewhat:
Ten men from the Mieure family of Sumner, Illinois served in World War II. Five of the men (Hubert, twins Harold and Gerald, John, Eugene) were sons of Mr. and Mrs. Garl Mieure and five (Raymond, Delbert, Leslie, George, and Martin) were sons of Mr. and Mrs. Gus and Bessie Nelson Mieure. The fathers, Gus and Garl, were brothers.

Hubert enlisted in the Air Corps at Chanute Field and was sent to training until August of 1941. He was then transferred to Biloxi, Mississippi and served as a technical sergeant at Keesler Field. Harold and Gerald (identical twins) were first cooks with Co. L National Guards at Lawrenceville and were transferred to Camp Forrest, Tennessee in March of 1941. Harold and Gerald actually followed each other when their unit was sent to Europe and were never more than 10-15 miles apart. John enlisted in the Army Air Corps at Chanute Field in 1939. He was transferred to Hamilton Field, California, then to Fort Douglas, Utah. From there he was sent to Honolulu and ultimately served in Australia. Eugene enlisted at Chanute Field in August of 1940 and was transferred to Glendale California and served as a clerk in the Army Services headquarters.

Raymond enlisted in the Marines in Chicago approximately seven years before the war began and served as a sergeant in the First Parachute Battalion. He was in China and the Philippines. Delbert enlisted in the Air Corps at Chanute Field in April of 1941. Leslie was in the Army with the Co. L Reserves and then was assigned to the 130th Infantry at Camp Forrest where his cousins, Harold and Gerald were assigned. George was in the Air Corps and was assigned to Keesler Field in Biloxi, Mississippi, where his cousin, Hubert was assigned.

Nine men returned safely to their families when the war was over. Raymond,the picture of whom we published, did not.

Sgt Maj US Marine Corp Raymond Alfred Mieure was born Nov 26, 1914.  Raymond was killed in action on Iwo Jima Feb 22, 1945 and awarded the Purple Heart.  Originally interred in the Iwo Jima 5th Marine Division Cemetery his remains were later repatriated in Camp Butler National Cemetery, Springfield on January 3, 1949.