Monday, July 20, 2015

GAR of Birds 1883-1885

The GAR was a Civil War Vet organization. Almost every town hosted a Post. The Birds/Bird Station  group was very social. 

July 18, 1883  There will be a camp fire and reunion of the G.A.R. at Bird Station, on the 15th of August.

August 15, 1883-from Birds
The G.A.R.'s will have a reunion here on the 16th inst which will wind up with a concert in the mill building at night. This will probably be the largest ever in Birds.

August 22, 1883 Some 1,500 or 2,000 persons attended the re-union at Bird Station on Thursday. A half dozen or more from this place (Robinson)  attended.

August 27, 1883
The G.A.R's from Palestine attended the soldiers re-union last Thursday.
Most everybody and his girl attended the G.A.R. re-union last week. The colored brethren were also well represented.

September 19, 1883- From Birds
The G.A.R.'s seem to be pleased over their reunion at Palestine.

October 17, 1883-Bird Station
The G.A.R.'s, of this place, are going to build a town hall here some time this winter.

March 17, 1884
Our G.A.R. boys, who attended the fair at Robinson, report a good time.

Apr 9, 1884-Birds items
The G.A.R. hall will be raided next Tuesday. (Ed Note: …And it’s always good for this kind of information to be published in the paper….)

June 4, 1884-Birds
The new G.A.R. Hall will be dedicated on the 11th & 12th of June. Col. Harper, one of the finest orators in the state, will be the principal speaker. Everybody cordially invited to attend.

June 11, 1884-Birds
The G.A.R. will have a re-union at Bird Station on to-day.

June 14, 1884-Birds
The G.A.R. Post is making immense preparations for the dedication on the 11th & 12th. People from a distance will be cared for. This will be a good chance for those who have never visited the future metropolis of Lawrence Co., to take it in.

June 25, 1884
Bird Station was the attraction last week. The G.A.R. folks were holding a camp fire and also dedicated their new hall. Jesse Harper, the eloquent, was there--Brooks Barlow and his spoon, were the drawing cards.

July 16, 1884
Several of the soldier boys went to Lawrenceville Monday evening to attend the soldiers convention yesterday.

August 6, 1884
A soldier's re-union at Bird Station will take place the 19th, 20th and 21st inst.

August 13, 1884-Birds
The reunion here the 19th, 20th and 21st promises to be the biggest thing that has ever struck this place. Some of the ablest speakers in the state will be present. The Lawrenceville Band, besides our own Martial Band, which is hard to beat, will be at the reunion.
Some of our citizens are going to buck against the G.A.R's boarding house during their reunion. This is not right. Remember they have added considerable to our town and we should treat them half way respectable and give them a chance to make something when the opportunity presents itself. We learn there is to be a picnic at the bridge across the Embarrass river below Charlottsville some time in August.

Aug 20, 1884
The Post of this place is in attendance at the G.A.R. reunion at Bird Station this week.

August 27, 1884-from Birds
Thirty one stands have been sold for the reunion, so we will have plenty of refreshments. Several parties are making arrangements to sell whisky here this week. We will bet 2 to 1 that they get cooped.

Sept 3, 1884-from Birds
Thirty-one lemonade  and candy stands, besides several gambling institutions were at the reunion.

Sept 3, 1884-from Birds
Two new members were taken in the G.A.R. lodge Saturday night. The speech of Gen. McCartney at this place was not as big a thing as we expected to hear.

Sept 17, 1884
Lewis Bowman and John Poindexter, of Sumner, took in the reunion and they think the Oblong girls are hard to beat. It is said one of them will return in the near future.

Oct 29, 1884-from Birds
The Reps (republicans?) used the G.A.R. Hall building to decorate their glee club wagons, yet they claim their post knows no politics.

Jan 21, 1885
The GAR hall at Birds, above Isaac DeLong's hardware store, was slightly damaged by fire last week.

Mar 25, 1885-Birds
Don't forget to come to the entertainment Saturday night at the G.A.R. hall.

July 1, 1885-Birds
The G.A.R. will hold a reunion here in August. A good time is anticipated as our boys never do anything by halves.

July 15, 1885
There will be a reunion and camp-fire at Birds on the 11th, 12th and 13th of August.