Thursday, July 23, 2015

Editor of Road and Track Magazine

Did you know that a former Editor of Road and Track magazine graduated from LTHS in 1940? 

James T Crow (1922-1988) was born in Vincennes and grew up in Lawrenceville. During WWII Jim served in the Army in Europe. He was one of the thousands of veterans who completed his college education after the hostilities ended, graduating from the University of Wisconsin. 

Like others, Jim eventually migrated to California and ended up in the aerospace industry working for Lockheed Corp., before becoming enthralled with sports cars.  He joined the Road and Track editorial staff in 1963 and became Editor in Feb 1966.  During his tenure as Editor, Jim added many new dimensions to R&T’s editorial package, including the “Owner Survey” reports, multi-car comparison tests, and the features “Years Ago,” “About the Sport” and “Ampersand.” He also conceived the R&T Buyer’s Guide as an adjunct to the long-standing Road Test Annual publication. 

In 1972 Jim’s new interest in off-pavement vehicles led him to found the magazine Pickup, Van & 4-Wheel Drive.