Sunday, July 19, 2015

Barr Commits Suicide 1907

Indianapolis News February 14, 1907
 Mystic Figures “13” Doubly Cut on His Ring
Barr Drowned on 13th, Body Recovered on 13th; No Evidence of Foul Play

Vincennes Indiana February 14:   It develops that the late Willard D Barr, the missing Lawrence County Illinois horticulturist, whose body was found on the banks of the Wabash River, yesterday afternoon, where it was left face downward by the recent flood, was drowned on the morning of January 13. His watch stopped at 4:01 o'clock.

 He was last seen on the evening of January 12. His body was found on February 13, just one month afterwards, and on his finger was a broad band ring, on which was deeply cut, in two places, the figures 13. One of the 13's was in plain figures, and the other in Roman type. 

Barr is thought to have been crazed with grief, and to have committed suicide. The family now makes public that his wife went to Lott, Texas, to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. SJ Crump, after which she wrote to her husband that she had no intention of returning.

Barr’s body was well preserved, owing to the ice and freezing water, and there are no indications of foul play. He lived with his parents on the homestead farm. Mrs. Barr took her infant child with her, but three little children were left behind.

Barr’s mysterious absence was advertised all over the country; G. Walter Barr, his brother, coming from Keokuk, Iowa, and directing the search. The brother had a pre-sentiment that the body would be found in the river, and he was waiting for the waters to recede to institute a systematic search.

(Ed Note: The Sumner Press dated October 25, 1900 states that  a marriage license was granted to W.D. Barr, 35, of Lawrenceville and Grace Crump, 17, of Lott, Texas.