Friday, June 5, 2015

Sale of War Assets to LTHS

In researching the school files, a file about the sale of war assets to LTHS was discovered. Intrigued about what the school might have purchased in 1948 (thinking tanks, planes, guns?) we felt you the readers might be interested also. 

In 1948 the War Dept. offered for sale, certain buildings at George Field and other army bases. To place a bid a two page list of requirements had to be met in triplicate (after all it was the government…) and if the bid was accepted, the buildings had to be removed within a certain period of time.

On Oct 7, 1948 LTHS placed a bid for a 20-59 tin shop to be used as a shower and dressing room by the football field, and office building 12x24 for the same purpose; and two Magazine warehouses 27x43 to be used for the Vocational shop and bus garage. At least one of these last items was indeed sold to LTHS for $650. It was located at the Vigo Ordnance Works in Terre Haute. (The file is not complete.)

According to the stated purpose this building was essential to the immediate needs of the school, and was to be used to expand the industrial arts shop facilities by providing work space for finishing wood projects in cabinet making and advanced woodwork.  The present shop floor space, 40 x48,at LTHS  was taken up with benches and machinery thus curtailing the program for lack of adequate space to finish wood projects, beds, dressers, tables, boats, etc., and to store them until they ae ready to be removed from the building. To develop a complete general shop program would require additional space. The new building if the bid was accepted would be located adjacent to the present shop and provide needed floor space. Some windows would have to be added though it was noted.  

A second building similar to the above one, was needed to expand the facilities in physical education and athletics, by providing much needed shower and dressing room space near the football field and track. No building existed in 1948 near the football field and track for providing shower and dressing space for PE classes and athletic teams using these area. (It is unclear if LTHS was successful in this bid or not…maybe some of you alumni, will be able to help us out.)

In addition the War Dept. donated three pages of single spaced items to the Lawrenceville City School from George Field on Sept 27, 1948.  These included office furniture (i.e. desks, file cabinets, chairs, trays, baskets) foot lockers (green)—all from Hangar #2; and more office furniture from an unknown location (cabinet for storing drawing paper with slanting top, shelves, tables).  (Records don’t say, but researchers are assuming these were all ...Army Green.)