Monday, June 8, 2015

LTHS Happenings 1959-1960

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1959 LTHS  June School Board members were Clarence Akin, Howard Childress, Walker Henry, Curtis Hill, Mack Jackman, Tom Newell and Hubert Reed; the Principal was H. A. Dollahan.
New shop facilities 1959
Plans were being made to move part of the Industrial Arts Dept to the rooms across from the men's gym. Mr Wright was asked to determine the cost of doing so.

Board members examine new shop facilities

The girls' toilet and shower rooms were no longer being used, and a request had been made to open them into the cafeteria and made into a teacher dining room.  The Board noted it was worthy of further consideration.  (Commodes and showers would hopefully be removed.)

       A direct quote from a Board member: “I don’t not know when we can expect any tax money. It looks like it may be August. I suggest we borrow…..”   ( Hmmm  sounds familiar)
          Some of the items requested by the teachers:  Mr. Wagner (Science Dept.) wanted a new tape recorder; Mr. Keyser (Ag Dept.) wanted classroom chairs, teacher’s desk, implement & tractor publications, window screens for the Ag classrooms, and 1 clock for the farm shop; Miss Sutherland (History) wanted 3 pictures to replace old ones; Miss Christmas (Business Education Dept.) wanted a stop watch; Miss Hanna (Foreign Language) wanted a record player; Miss Davidson (Latin) needed a Stapler; Mr. Koppler (Math) a ruled Wall Chart; Miss Mundell (Girls PE) wanted 1 doz. arm guards, 6 doz. arrows, 2 archery targets; 4 doz. badminton birdies; 4 table tennis paddles, 1 towel hamper; 6 tennis balls, 3 basket balls and 1 trampoline.  (All requests were approved except Mr. Keyser’s teacher’s desk)

May 1959 The lights in the library and classrooms were replaced with fluorescent lights.  Students taking the summer typing class would be charged $5 for the use of the typewriters. Other summer classes to be taught were History, English, Math and Driver Training.  Mr. Lively appeared before the board to request new band uniforms.  Warren Cummins, a student dropped out to join the Army.

New uniforms worn by Allen, Ballard and Lefferson
July 1959  Miss Seed asked for new tables in her classroom for the third year in a row, the Board finally approved of $375.  The Industrial Arts Dept. requested and were approved of $10,000 to remodel the rooms on the first floor at the SW part of the building.  Mr. Lively brought in two samples of new band uniforms costing about $60. He said he would need at least 60 uniforms and 7 majorette uniforms, which were approved. Electric Typewriters were purchased.

Harold Lively, LTHS Music Director 1959
Aug 1959 Ford dealer  furnished the car for driver training.  A concrete floor was needed in the bus barn, as the mud was getting bad with the heavy rains and flooding. The bus barn property had recently been purchased from Bertha Geddes for $2099.

Sept 1959 Miss Elsie Buchanan resigned after being appointed Chief of Home Economics Education in the State Superintendent’s Office. Mr. Lively was authorized to buy a grand piano but not to exceed $500.  The Ag Dept. was denied a request to allow some boys to participate in a program that required them to ride in airplanes.

Dec 1959 The board was requested to consider television classes from Channel 7 Evansville be used in the classroom.

March 1960 David Murphy resigned as coach to go to Robinson.