Saturday, June 20, 2015

June Program and Centerville Cemetery

Monday, June 22 - 7pm at the Museum- "Bondage in Egypt - Slavery in Southern Illinois" by Darrel Dexter.

 "For most Americans, Illinois, the home of Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, is thought of as a “free state” in America’s great struggle with slavery. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 banned both slavery and involuntary servitude in the territory and state."

But slavery legally existed in Illinois from 1720 to 1865 in thirty-four counties in southern Illinois known regionally as "Egypt."   Darrel Dexter will present his research of more than a decade  on how this happened,  at the LCHS June meeting.    

Be careful in the heat out there.  
Jan 18 1920 Lawrenceville Republican
Harry Taylor died at his home in Allison Tuesday night of tuberculosis. Mr Taylor was overcome by the heat last June and has not been able to work since.  He leaves a wife and baby to mourn his loss Burial was at Centerville.      1887-1912

( He was the first husband of Mahala Fern (Allen) Taylor Robinson.
Thanks to K Redmond for the photos to add to our Centerville Cemetery database.)  As for the database, we thought we had all the information we needed, and then found another 100-/+ death records to add, so putting it on line will take a few more months.