Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fight in Vincennes 1907

According to the Editor for the Lawrenceville Republican:  “The following is from Saturday’s (Vincennes) Commercial, and must be a mistake.  The fellow must have been from Washington, Ind., not Lawrenceville. (Lawrenceville fellows would not get drunk and cause a fight.)

A one-round pugilistic battle occurred on Second Street at an early hour Friday evening and created considerable amusement to the crowd of spectators.  A young man who hails from Lawrenceville was one of the combatants and the other was a native from the city.  The Vincennes man was in a saloon drinking a glass of beer when the Lawrenceville fellow came in and began using some choice epithets which failed to please the local man and he immediately laid the mit on the other’s nose.  The work was quick and the Lawrenceville man needed no referee to tell him that he was knocked out, but he knew it nevertheless and defeat was so bitter to him that great drops of salt water poured from his eyes and the spectators felt so sorry for the weeping man that they could not bear to behold his grief and silently marched away.  A policeman appeared upon the scene but the man had disappeared.”

Thanks to K Grenda for the transcription,