Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Centerville Cemetery Tour

Here are some candid shots taken by F Price Saturday May 30  during the Centerville Cemetery Tour. Although a few drops fell for all of three minutes, the thunderstorms that had been promised  held off and  the wind blew away all the insects that might have wanted to join the group. 

There were three 'stations' with speakers to entertain the 100+ guests with stories, history and “Gossip from Grave’as the groups rotated around  the cemetery. Larry Curry talked about  the Day Cemetery, one of the earliest black cemeteries in the state, and directly across the road from the Centerville cemetery,  and its restoration.  Cyndi Seabrook shared interesting stories at the west end about people who were buried there and Donna Burton  'gossiped' about the early folks who settled  in a little town called Centerville.  After everyone had made their way to all three stations, refreshments were served at the Allison Church of the Brethren and Nobel Brown told about the relocation of the church building in the 1940’s. 

The Society would like to thank the following people:  Westons Lawn Service for water and ice; Cunningham Funeral Home for the chairs; the Gerhart family and the ladies from Rising Sun for the refreshments; Kevin Borden for IT support; King, Price, Seabrook family for the tents; Larry Curry for the signs; Mary Copp and her Boy Scout troop for directing traffic; Kaye Fisher and Irene Jackman for taking tickets; Larry and Carl Curry for cleaning up Day Cemetery; Noble Brown for putting out the American flags at the cemetery; Cyndi Seabrook, Larry Curry and Donna Burton for sharing the stories of Centerville Cemetery; the Church of the Brethren and  the Centerville Cemetery Association for their hospitality; and lastly, the Cemetery committee who took the tombstone photos, looked up the obits, did research at the courthouse, and are setting up a database to share.  Job well done everyone.  

 PS if you missed the tour, you can still read some of the stories the presenters told by using the  'Centerville' label on the left side of this blog page.  ( if you reading this on your email, you will have to go to the actual blog page, just click on the bottom of your email, or go to www.lawrencelore.blogspot.com.