Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Birds and Russellville News and Gossip of 1883

Robinson Constitution (thanks to David Foote for the research)

June 27, 1883-Bird Station
A man by the name of Moore from Jefferson Co., has been selling liquor here for the past three months, most of the time without license and on several occasions has walked the streets flourishing a revolver, swearing he would do as he pleased, if any interfered he would make them sorry for it. A few evenings ago he went to Lindsay & Bristow's drug store with a revolver in one hand and a club in the other broke in the front windows and intimidated every man he met on the streets. Last Friday night about 25 men well mounted and armed rode into this place, went into the saloon, after gaining entrance, placed a guard outside to keep anyone else from entering; they then completely demolished the contents of the house (saloon) and piled them out in the streets. Moore made his escape, or the probabilities are he would have been severely dealt with. His clerk was not hurt. Sheriff Ryan has been after Moore but failed to get him. This little transaction has caused considerable excitement; every man now sleeps with a shotgun by his bed.

On Oct 7 the following article was printed:  
Jesse Moore, who, it will be remembered, sold whisky at Bird Station, last spring, and who came near cleaning out the town before being arrested and afterwards escaped from the officers, was arrested a few days ago while visiting his girl and brought to this place (Robinson)  and lodged in jail. He has since been taken to Springfield by U.S. Deputy Marshall Longenecker, where he will have a hearing in the United States court on the charge of selling whisky without a license.

And a week later:  October 10, 1883
Jesse Moore, who was taken from here to Springfield last week by Ben Longenecker, on the charge of selling liquor, was fined $100 and sent to jail.

June 27, 1883-Bird Station
Mrs. Sarah Merritt, whose husband died in the Robinson jail about a year ago where he was confined for attempting to kill her, was married last week to a Mr. James F Staub of Charlottesville.

Dr. Lindsay has completed the largest and nicest house in town.(Bird Station)

Sumner is the only place in this county that will celebrate the Fourth.

July 4, 1883
Miss Adele (Eddie D)  Hennesse, daughter of Rev. Hennesse, formerly of Robinson, but now of Lawrenceville, was married last week to a Mr. John E Burtis. (7/4/1883)

The members of the Russellville baseball club were recently arrested and fined for playing on the Sabbath.

July 18, 1883
Russellville is "torn up" over a scandal. A married woman there has taken up with a tramp and the injured husband is now dividing his property, preparing to a legal separation.

August 22, 1883
Fourteen indictments were found in Lawrence county grand jury last week against young men for carrying concealed weapons.

September 12, 1883
Dr. Ray, of Lawrence County, died some days ago. He was pretty well known in this county. (Ed Note:  His full name was Thomas J. Ray Jan 8,1812 - Aug 31,1883. His wife and several of their children are buried in Row 22 of the Old Section 2, south side of the road at the East Iron Gate, Lawrenceville Cemetery.)

September 19, 1883
Aaron Shaw
Hon Aaron Shaw, member of Congress from this district, was in attendance at court last week, having been as bondsman of one Garring, of Lawrence County, to the tune of $1,000, indicted for throwing a train from the track on the O. & M. road. The defendant failed to appear and the bond was forfeited. (Shaw was the State's Attorney for the Betsy Reed case.)

Two months later:   November 28, 1883

It will be remembered that at the September term of our court, a forfeiture was taken on the bond of one Theo Garing against Judge Shaw, the security. The fellow was indicted for train wreckage near Vincennes. He was on the 13th arrested neat Tiffin, O., and brought to Lawrenceville.

September 19, 1883- From Birds
R.A. Newman is running a hotel and Bill Bird a barbershop in town.

Tom Steffy, who ruined a young woman near this place, and then married her, absconded some time since, leaving his wife and a good many debts unpaid. He is now stopping near Colwell, Kansas.