Monday, May 11, 2015

Unlucky in Love and Killed by Train

We ran this article about an 1882 suicide and wondered what would cause a young girl to take her own life. 

Coroner’s inquest July 24, 1882 Rhoda Anderson
She came to her death by the effects of strychnine administered by her own hand with suicidal intent. Inquest held at Sumner.

Editor's note: the 1880 census for Christy Township shows a Rhoda S Anderson, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Anderson born 1864. What caused this 18-year-old young girl to take her own life is unknown

D Foote answered this question by sending us the answer in the Robinson Constitution

Aug 2, 1882
A Miss Anderson, of Sumner, committed suicide last week. Disappointment in love was the cause.

Fortunately Miss Lewis did not succeed in her attempt as shown below.

Oct 11, 1882-under Charlottesville News

Because her "fella" went back on her, a Miss Lewis attempted to suicide a few days ago by jumping into the river.

Another coroner's inquest described the following death found in the Robinson paper.  
Dec 8. 1880
John Richardson, of the vicinity of Lawrenceville, was run over by an O. & M. train a few nights ago and killed.

Coroner’s inquest November 25, 1880 John Richardson
He came to his death by being struck by a train on the Ohio and Mississippi railroad going west probably the #39 freight train.  Inquest held at 0 & M railroad bridge over the Embarras River.
Editor's note John Richardson was born February 22, 1847 the son of Williamson Richardson and died November 25, 1880. He is buried at Collins cemetery in Lawrence County. He was the Civil War vet  enlisting October 27, 1863 as a private in Co D Fifth Illinois Cavalry and mustering out October 27, 1865 at Springfield. He was married to Harriet B.  Sheick February 19, 1868 in Lawrence County.

Aug 30. 1882
Dr. L. Smith of Lawrenceville, was knocked from a car of lumber at that place by a train and killed Friday.

Feb 21, 1883  (The spelling in not the same but it is surely the same death.) 
The estate of M. Gabriel Smith, deceased, obtained a judgment for $2,000 against the Wabash road in the Lawrence county circuit court last week. The deceased was killed by a train of cars at Lawrenceville last August.