Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thrift Stamps

The individuals who are cataloging the museum items to enter on our new inventory program are finding many interesting things.  Among them, a small card was found on which the following was found.  We believe it to be issued about 1917 during WWI. 

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

To the Pupils of Lawrence county:  
We are fighting the greatest war that the world has even known.  We are fighting this war that you may continue to enjoy the blessings of liberty and freedom as you have in the past. Every boy and girl has now or will have, a father, brother, uncle, cousin or friend who has offered his life for services, that we can win the war.  You are not old enough to fight in the army but you can assist those who are fighting by being industrious and saving your pennies, nickels and dimes and buy Thrift Stamps, thus lending the government the money that is necessary to buy food, clothing and ammunition for the young men who are fighting the battles for us. The following suggestions should be helpful to you in earning money with which to purchase the Thrift Stamps.

1. Raising garden truck
2. Raising Chickens
3. Raising a calf or pig
4. Doing chores
5. Boys raise an acre of Corn
6. Collecting and selling old rags, papers, iron, bones, etc.

Ask your teacher and parents to explain the plan by which you can purchase the Thrift Stamps and War Savings certificates with the pennies, nickels and dimes which you have earned and saved.  

Trusting that every boy and girl will assist the government by purchasing Thrift Stamps, I am
                      Very truly yours
                       Edwin Ashbaugh, Co. Supt. of Schools.

Don't forget to buy your cemetery tickets for Centerville tour Saturday May 30, 2015 10:00 am at Finishing Touch in Lawrenceville if the Museum is closed when you are in town.  Also check out the rules for the photo contest in June by going to the webpage and clicking on the photo contest flyer at bottom right of page.